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  •   Relationship negotiation doesn't sound very romantic or sexy, but it is the foundation upon which love is based. Without strong, conscious relationship negotiating skills, couples are bound for disappointment and frustration. Here are four principles of relationship negotiation. Principle 1: Fairness is What You Create, Not What You...

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  • You know how there is always that person who can’t wait to bring you down, burst your bubble and tell you how bad things are? Well, sometimes that person is you. Those voices in your head that say you aren’t good enough, life stinks and things will never change....

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  • When we adults were kids, our mothers would push us out of the house and say, “Go find a friend. Be home by dinner.” And we did. It was in our neighborhood we met friends. Then we went to grade school. We went through a bevy of best friends,...

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  •  1. Adolescent girls won't tell you about the intense pressures they are under to be perfect.  Girls are expected to be perfect at all the traditional "girl qualities", i.e. be pretty, thin, hot, sweet and nice to everyone, put other people's needs first, be good at verbal skills and relationships,...

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Raising Caring Boys

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Raising Caring Kids

Raising Caring Kids

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Dr. Karen Ruskin

My Night Out At Ernie Boch’s For The Donald Trump Meet & Greet

Truly generous of Ernie Boch Jr. to open up his beautiful home, his gorgeous mansion to so many for the Donald Trump meet and greet. This blog article is not about politics, it’s not inferring who to vote for. There are many interviews, debates and events to come for people to make an informed decision....

Murder and Mental Health – HIPAA Laws Need Re-evaluation

Each time a murder happens, we in the mental health industry are reminded that something needs to change. The most recent horrific murder is of TV reporter Alison Parker and camera man Adam Ward. The news media and the public talk about why tragedy happens, because we are looking for a reason as it...

Do You Communicate With Passion?

Are you the type of person who communicates a point at work and you feel like no one listens to you? But . . .  when someone else, a particular someone else communicates the very same thing, that person’s voice is heard? Or, are you the opposite of this scenario? Rather, are YOU the...


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