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  • Allowances form the foundation for most kids to learn to deal with money. Its critical the allowance is set up as an ongoing process for earning money, not a method to demonstrate love or to reward kids for actions that are naturally expected in a family unit. Here are...

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  • I’m often asked about spanking and its positive or negative impact on kids. A few years ago Child Magazine did a survey of their readers and found that 37 percent of parents discipline their toddlers several times a day, and 27 percent discipline their child in public several times...

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  • Your tween has a boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe your tween tells you directly. Or perhaps, you found out from a friend, another parent, Facebook or by checking in on their texts.  You feel that moment of dread and panic. How could this be? You’re baffled. How could he be...

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  • How to curb kid test jitters, get ready for those tests, improve scores, and recognize if when to seek medical advice It’s that time again one of kids more dreaded four-letter words: T.E.S.T. These days it seems even for many kids even if they’ve studied hard and done their...

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Raising Caring Boys

Raising Caring Boys

Co-Host of Hallmark’s “Home & Family” Mark Steines offers advice on some crucial aspects of raising kids as a single dad in today’s complex...Read More »

Raising Caring Kids

Raising Caring Kids

An Interview with Hallmark Co-Star with Mark Steines of “Home and Family” Cristina Ferrare Raising caring kids is a difficult job in today’s busy...Read More »

Tips to Save Your Relationship Before It’s Too Late

peak jeff new pic

Many years ago I had a conversation with my wife that could have ended...Read More »

Four Quick Tricks to Overcome Procrastination


Why is it that we don’t do what we know we should do? We’ve...Read More »

Beware of Overpraising Your Children


Right now, many parents are in a seeming race to see who can award...Read More »

When Amazing Is Not Enough


Grace, 14, is a straight A student, a star on her select basketball team,...Read More »

How to Spot the Signs of an Eating Disorder

In today’s society where having a thigh gap is a mark of success, it’s...Read More »

Dr. Karen Ruskin

Young People Waiting To Marry – Why? Top Reasons

According to the latest census data, the percentage of adults in the U.S. who have never been married hits an all time high. Specifically, new data shows that more young adults are waiting to marry. Why? There are various opinions as to why this is happening, depending on who you ask. This blog article...

President Obama’s Dysfunctional Relationship With America

President Obama’s exacerbation of American Dependency by triggering anxiety through his actions remains painfully consistent, of which I have blogged about these warning signs since the onset. The dysfunctional and unhealthy relationship he has between himself and America has in my opinion, exacerbated mental illness in our America. Controversial statement this may be, but...

Marriage, Divorce, Religion, Parenting – WWL-AM/FM With Marriage Therapist

Marriage as it relates to topics of: divorce, religion, and parenting is what I discussed on WWL-AM/FM Radio which aired LIVE on 10/7/14. I come on at the 1min20sec spot. During this brief interview, host of The Tommy Tucker Show, yes, Tommy – asked me the questions that were on his mind, and of...


How To Stop Bullying – & Secrets Parents Need to Know

The topic of bullying continues. Parents have questions, and this parenting expert has the...

Classroom Bullying We Don’t Discuss

As October comes to a close and we wrap up honoring National Bullying Prevention...

Could Your Child Be a Cyber-Bully?

Do you suspect your child is bullying other kids online? By Mary Kay Hoal...

4 Tips to Help Kids ‘STANd’ Up to Bullying

taking down the bully As sure as kids return to school each Fall in the U.S.,...

The Guide for Creating Student Bullying Focus Groups

An essential way to hear student concerns about school safety, their ideas for reducing...

“Cyberbullying and Bullying Are Not the Same” Say Kids

BC research and three takeaways for bully prevention New research on bullying is published so...