Birthday Treats to Share

Many of you bring birthday treats to share with classmates when celebrating your child’s birthday.  A party is a great time to share fun food with friends, however it you would like to share foods that are somewhat healthier I have a few suggestions

Bread- A really delicious one, maybe with raisins or cinnamon.  A soft crust is essential.  Some children enjoy warm garlic bread.

Smoothies- Make some ahead of time or bring a blender and make them in the classroom.  In the winter you can use canned pineapple, frozen berries, frozen mango and bananas.

Popsicles- Buy whole fruit popsicles, kids love them even when it’s cold outside.

Warm Apple Cider (pasteurized) - Bring in a thermos of warm cider and serve with apple pie or graham crackers.

Popcorn: Plain with a little salt. Use an air popper or pop on the stove.  Let the kids watch the action. Don’t buy microwave popcorn as the bags give off carcinogenic chemicals.  Also, don’t buy flavored style, this adds lots of sugar, fat and salt. For children older than age 3.

Frozen Bananas: Simply peel and cut ripe bananas in ½.  Put a popsicle stick in the flat end and freeze on a cookie sheet. Before freezing you can roll them in chocolate jimmies.  You can also buy them pre-made at Trader Joe’s

Carmel Apples: If you make them at home try to buy very small apples.

Eggrolls: Most kids like to dip these in sauce. 

Supply Cherrios, small pretzels, Fruit Loops and string- Have the children make edible necklaces.

Fruit sorbet in ice cream cones.

Oatmeal cookies: (Buy the ones that have oatmeal listed as the first ingredient) or Fortune Cookies

Really big Soft Pretzels.

Chocolate Chip Bagels, Cinnamon Sugar Bagels

Vanilla Wafers or Animal Crackers with yogurt for dipping

Trail Mix: Provide pretzels, nuts, tiny chocolate chips, raisins and dry cereal.  Let kids make their own mix.

Vegetable Sushi: Rice rolls with cucumber and/or carrots and lettuce.  Dip in soy sauce.

Polenta (bought premade in a roll) sliced with cheese and tomato (or tomato sauce) on top

ANYTHING ON A TOOTHPICK: Steamed or fresh veggies, cheese, fruit, etc.  Dip cheese in tomato sauce, dip veggies in salad dressing, dip fruit in melted chocolate.  Cooked Tortellin:, 3 on a toothpick, red sauce for dipping.


Simply SavvyBeverly Pressey, MS, RD, CD, author of Simple and Savvy Strategies for Creating Healthy Eaters, is a Registered Dietician with Master’s degrees in Education and Nutrition and specializes in working with caregivers of babies and children. Beverly has worked with individuals, presented at conferences, consulted with childcare centers, taught continuing education and college classes, and presented at numerous parent groups. Beverly lives in Seattle, Washington, find out more about her and her book at


Wraps: PBJ, deli meats, hummus and olives, 3 colors of cheese slices, cream cheese and grapes, peanut butter and banana slices.

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