How To Stop Bullying – & Secrets Parents Need to Know

The topic of bullying continues. Parents have questions, and this parenting expert has the answers! How can I prevent my child from being a bully? What is the new breed of bullies? What are some tips and advice to help children who are being bullied? What are parenting tips to help their children if...Learn More »

Classroom Bullying We Don’t Discuss

As October comes to a close and we wrap up honoring National Bullying Prevention Month, we need to remember that it is clearly a topic that needs to be addressed all year long.  Today, I want to talk about a kind of bullying that we don't discuss enough -- the acts that happen when...Learn More »

Could Your Child Be a Cyber-Bully?

Do you suspect your child is bullying other kids online? By Mary Kay Hoal The headlines are familiar: “Cyberbullying Victim Takes Their Life." “Cyberbullying at an All Time High." “Thirty-eight percent of Girls and 26% of Boys Report Being Bullied Online." The media has done a good job of bringing the problem to the...Learn More »

4 Tips to Help Kids ‘STANd’ Up to Bullying

taking down the bully As sure as kids return to school each Fall in the U.S., bullying will be encountered in the classroom.   In these early days of September classes, would-be bullies are getting a feel for who they think might be an easy mark in the class.   As the days wear on and a bully...Learn More »

The Guide for Creating Student Bullying Focus Groups

An essential way to hear student concerns about school safety, their ideas for reducing bullying and creating a safe and caring school, and gather evidence-based data about bullying. The facilitators guide for setting up Student Bullying Focus Groups Defining bullying terms to a high school Student Bullying Focus Group I’ve found one of the simplest...Learn More »

“Cyberbullying and Bullying Are Not the Same” Say Kids

BC research and three takeaways for bully prevention New research on bullying is published so quickly it’s hard to stay current with recent findings. But at the same time we’re already seeing an epidemic of so-called “bullying prevention programs” flooding the market. Latest reports reveal that - at best -only about one fourth of those “bully...Learn More »

Be the Anti-Bully: There’s No Such Thing as an Innocent Bystander

Jerry Weichman, Ph.D.www.drjerryweichman.com In case you haven’t heard, bullying is a hot topic this school year.  It is likely you have already sat through a bullying awareness assembly at school, seen your favorite celeb blog about standing up to bullies, or have read about another tragic teen suicide triggered in part by bullying.  And...Learn More »

Bullies and Victims

There was a news story out of Florida yesterday about a man, James Jones, who stormed a bus of children and threatened the bullies who were terrorizing his daughter who has cerebral palsy.  Classmates had put an open condom on his daughter’s head, taunted her, and hurt her by twisting her ear.  This father...Learn More »

What to Do if Your Child is Being Bullied

Bullies have become an everyday part of our kids’ lives. In person or online, they are threatening kids and causing fear even when they are not in the same room. If we are going to help it is critical that we recognize the signs in our kids and know what to do if your...Learn More »

The Bully in Pigtails: Girls & Bullying

By Erik Fisher, PhD, AKA Dr. E www.erikfisher.com I think we all have begun to see a disturbing trend in recent years. More and more often we are seeing girls bullying girls, but not like it used to be. Historically, girls have not been immune to bullying, but the way they approached it was...Learn More »

Protecting Our Kids: Where Should We Draw the Line?

In today's world there are so many threats to our kids' physical and emotional well being that it is almost overwhelming. Cyber-bullying, kidnapping, too much violence and sex in the media and of course, the scars and damage that can occur in marriage and divorce. If these issues have kept you up at night,...Learn More »