My Child Is A Bully

Dear Mr. Dad: The assistant principal at my daughter’s school called me in for a meeting today and told me that my 12-year-old is bullying several children in the school. I am in shock. This isn’t behavior I’ve ever seen in my child and I’m frankly having a hard time believing it. What should...Learn More »

22 Discipline Ideas That Really Work!

At one time or another, all parents struggle with discipline—establishing and enforcing limits, and getting their kids to speak to them respectfully and do what they're supposed to do. But remember: discipline isn’t only about correction. It’s also about teaching kids to control themselves and care about others so they can grow up to...Learn More »

Parents Don’t Agree on Discipline

One of the most common concerns among parents is the ongoing struggle between two parents on how to discipline their kids. One parent is strict and the other is too lenient or perhaps one parent allows behavior that the other parent finds completely uuacceptable. This can cause tension and downright anger and resentment between...Learn More »