Dr. Michele Borba

Teaching Sign Language to Toddlers

Benefits of teaching your baby sign language. Hint: It isn’t about boosting IQ, but enhancing Emotional IQ, bonding, communication, language, and reducing frustrations…Here is how to communicate with your little one  Last year I was asked by WE TV Channel to help with a “make-over” for two-year old sextuplets on their show Raising Sextuplets....Learn More »

13 Dangerous (and Stupid) Ways Teens Get High

Potentially lethal activities kids do that every parent and educator must know Some things never change: teens have always been risk takers, thrill seekers and want to fit in. But oh the “creative” ways adolescents try to get high these days… like soaking tampons with liquor and inserting them, infusing alcohol into gummy bears...Learn More »

The Dangers of Over-Sexualized Images On Young Girls

How to counter “Too Much, Too Soon, Too Sleazy” ads aimed at our daughters and raise healthier girls from the inside out Thongs undies for toddlers. Push-up bras for eight-year olds. Sneakers to “tone” legs for preschoolers.  Marketers keep pushing that “too sexy, too soon” envelope on our young daughters, and we are seeing...Learn More »

Books That Empower Kids to Be Active Bystanders

Studies show that active bystanders can do far more than just watch. In fact, student bystanders may be our last, best hope in reducing bullying. Active bystanders can: Reduce the audience that a bully craves Mobilize the compassion of witnesses to step in and stop the bullying Support the victim and reduce the trauma...Learn More »

Five Things Your Kids Won’t Tell You

 1. Adolescent girls won't tell you about the intense pressures they are under to be perfect.  Girls are expected to be perfect at all the traditional "girl qualities", i.e. be pretty, thin, hot, sweet and nice to everyone, put other people's needs first, be good at verbal skills and relationships, be nurturing etc. The difference...Learn More »

Protecting Your Internet Identity: Are You Naked Online?

Meet Theresa Payton: CEO, former Chief Information Officer at the White House, media personality, and author of the must-read, “Protecting Your Internet Identity” Theresa Payton is founder and CEO of Fortalice, LLC, a Charlotte, NC based technology consulting firm. She manages a team of cybercrime fighters who vigilantly watch over governments, businesses and consumers.  Her goal...Learn More »

Teaching Kids Stranger Safety

Parenting tips I offered as the  expert on the NBC Dateline special: “My Kid Would Never…” series “Stranger Safety Tips” Listen…can you hear it? It’s the familiar jingle of the ice cream truck coming down the street carrying every kid’s favorite candy and ice cream flavors. Now suppose your child is with his pals,...Learn More »

Dateline’s “My Kid Would Never Do” That Series: A Must Watch!

I’ll be the parenting expert to a special Dateline series that starts this Sunday. Coming up on Dateline is a parenting series that I urge you to watch. The first of the series airs this Sunday night, April 15 at 7p/6 c on “Stranger Safety” reported by NBC’s Natalie Morales. I’m the parenting expert...Learn More »

10 Sobering Stats on College Drinking Deaths

Deadly facts about teen drinking every parent and educator should know — Why we must teach our kids how to drink responsibly.  It is easy for educators and parents to become overdramatic when warning young students about the dangers of alcohol. They sometimes forget about the facts about alcoholism and just declare war on...Learn More »

Nurturing Empathy Must Be a Conscious Parenting Decision

Simple ways to cultivate our children’s empathy all year round In today’s world of instant updates and on-demand media, we are often bombarded with horrific images and stories from around the globe of people hurting and in need. While our instincts as parents are to protect our child from those images, another option is...Learn More »

Surviving the Azamara Cruise Ship Fire: Why Character Counted

I usually don’t blog about “travel” and stick to parenting/education issues, but I had an experience this week that I feel compelled to share. It al started when my husband and I decided to finally get away from it all and take a relaxing cruise on the Azamara Quest- part of the Royal Caribbean...Learn More »

What An Anti-Bullying Policy Should Look Like

An Anti-Bullying Policy Developed by the U.S. Army Garrisons in Europe and Department of Defense Dependence Schools (DoDDS) Signed This Week For the past week I’ve visited four US Army and US Air Force Garrisons in Germany and it has been a thrill. I was invited by the Installation Management Command (IMCOM Europe) to...Learn More »

XO Laptop On Display At MoMA! #olpc

While in New York last week I was sure to get my hot ticket to the Museum of Modern Art. I had to see for myself the one exhibit that was priceless. No, I wasn’t there to see the works of Picasso, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo or even Diego Rivera (which are all on...Learn More »

Parenting Cyber-Kids: Knowing How to Monitor Their Online Activity

Tips I shared on the TODAY show to help parents monitor their  kids online behavior to boost Internet safety and curb inappropriate online activity Kid Internet access is now everywhere–from laptops, to television screens, to cell phonesand Ipods. In the past ten years, the amount of time our kids spend online daily has tripled...Learn More »

One Laptop Per Child Project Changes Nicaraguan Children’s Lives

Did you know that over one billion children in the world never will receive an education—walk in a classroom door—learn their ABC’s or even basic counting and math skills–unless something drastic is done to improve their lives? We know that the best hope for improving children’s futures is education, but building classrooms, hiring teachers,...Learn More »

What To Do If Your Child Is Teased or Bullied

My son’s only seven, but he’s been coming home upset every day. He says a boy named Mark keeps teasing him. Now the rest of the kids won’t play with him because they are afraid Mark will start picking on them, too. He’s miserable and doesn’t want to go to school. What can I...Learn More »

The Oldest Child Is Smarter…So Says the Research

The Oldest Child Is Smarter…So Says the Research

For nearly a century, child development experts have pondered just how much parents matter in how their kids turn out. Fresh new research hit the AP wires and the “nature vs. nurture” debate may finally be put to rest. And the findings are profound: Firstborn sons have higher IQs than their younger brothers because...Learn More »

The Fine Art of Disciplining Other People’s Kids: What to Do and How to Do It

The Fine Art of Disciplining Other People’s Kids: What to Do and How to Do It

When I was growing up, if I misbehaved I was set straight by the parent in charge. If my friends misbehaved at my house there were held accountable by my mom and dad. But parenting has changed. These days parent are much more cautious about discipline kids who are not their – probably because...Learn More »