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FREE Live Call: The Five Secrets for Moms to Avoid Being Overwhelmed

You can download a copy of my recent call, “Why Mothers Put Themselves Last” Just fill out this form and hit DOWNLOAD NOW! Name Email . It was great call! If you missed it then join me for the next live call, “The Five Secrets for Moms to Avoid Being Overwhelmed” next Thursday, October 17,...Learn More »

Last Chance: Join me tonight

Are you always putting yourself last?  Join me and learn the secret to “Why Mothers Put Themselves Last”,  tonight at 9:00 pm (EST). From the comfort of your own home, here’s your chance to hear me as I share with you 8 key strategies to make your self-care non-negotiable. Don’t miss it! To Enroll...Learn More »

What I Learned About Self-care From Deborah Phelps

What I Learned About Self-care From Deborah Phelps

I don’t know why we expect others to put important things on our calendar (i.e. going back to school, losing weight or simply “me time”) when we refuse to put ourselves on  the calendar. You can probably look at your calendar right now and see a host of  activities for your children and spouse,...Learn More »

I Want To Talk With You

  I want to talk to you! As we countdown to the Time for Mom-me Retreat & Experience Weekend, I wanted to invite you to a complimentary call where I’ll explain The Secret to Building a Life and Business that you deserve. In order to attend the tele- call you have to register on...Learn More »

Why I love Giuliana Rancic!

In March of this year, I attended The Get Radical Conference and one of the keynote speakers was Giuliana Rancic. During a lunch reception, I asked Giuliana a specific question that I had about some tv opportunities pitched to me from several studios that had me stuck. Her answer changed my life. Had I...Learn More »

What Happened When I Met Arianna Huffington

I just got off the phone with client who wanted to know my secret/ connection to start writing a column for The Huffington Post because she is interested in writing for larger platforms to spread her message. I told her that the truth is that there are no secrets or magical connections that occurred,...Learn More »

What Is holding you back?

As I countdown to the Time for Mom-Me Retreat & Experience Weekend I will share my story and the self-care journey that has helped thousands of moms across the country enjoy their lives even more.  I can’t make you come and to invest in yourself during a weekend that will surely get you to...Learn More »

The Time for Mom-Me Retreat is 7 Weeks away

I wanted to catch up with you quickly to invite you to come to my upcoming Time for Mom-Me Retreat & Experience Weekend on November 1st- 3rd . I decided to do a live event to bring together a community of like-minded moms who want to find a safe place to “Dream Big, Live...Learn More »

America Now Experts and Host Leeza Gibbons welcome me to the team

On September 9th, America Now kicked off it’s 4th season as a nationally syndicated show in 9 out of 10 markets across the country.  I’m so excited about the show and to be joining an amazing team of experts who will bring you “news that you can really use”.  Make sure that you check...Learn More »

I’m Joining the America Now Family!

I’m so excited to announce that I’m joining the nationally syndicated television show “America Now” in it’s 4th season as the “The Mom Strategist”. The show premieres on September 9th. Check local listing for times at http://www.americanownews.com/.  I’m thrilled to be joining this show and sharing with you the quality and practical advice that you...Learn More »

Even if it scares you, you’ve got to do it

After hosting Time for Mom-Me cruise retreats for the last three years, I made a decision to host a land event for mothers at The Hyatt Regency at The Inner Harbor in November this year. It has always been a dream of mine to Inspire mothers to design huge blueprints for their lives because...Learn More »

I’m An Iron Girl again….

On Sunday, August 18th I completed the Iron Girl sprint triathlon.  The race required me to swim .62 miles , bike 16 miles and run 3.4 miles to get to the finish line.  I enjoyed the day and had the opportunity to participate in the race with many women on The Iron Moms team...Learn More »

You Are Invited To Come

This year, I decided to create a 3 Day Time For Mom-Me Retreat and Experience for mothers.  I want to bring 125 moms to a magnificent location to relax, release, renew and replenish their dreams, plans and goals. What you can expect from the weekend is to have fun and to enjoy learning, laughing...Learn More »

Shhhh….. I’ve Got A Surprise For You.

Last week, I wrapped up my first twelve segments as the “mom expert”  for a nationally syndicated tv show that is  in it’s 4th season.  I can’t officially announce the show until mid-September but I can tell you that you will love the programming.   My mission is simply to empower mothers to practice...Learn More »

Taking Care Of Yourself First Isn’t Selfish

It has taken me fourteen years to finally feel unapologetic about taking care of myself first.  I’ve learned that I don’t have to survey anyone else to make sure that it’s okay that I meet my needs.  I am comfortable saying what I need and taking off the mask of trying to do it...Learn More »

Towson Maryland Moms make Time For Mom-Me

Last week, moms in Towson Maryland made a decision to commit to their own self care in the Time For Mom-Me Group Book Club.  For the next six weeks, these moms will be exploring ways to personally grow, find time, build connections and to share solutions to improve their motherhood journeys. The Time For...Learn More »

The Mom Strategist Mia Redrick Kicks Off Time for Mom-Me Support Groups at the Corner Bakery Baltimore, MD

Mia Redrick, The Mom Strategist, CEO of Finding Definitions, LLC, and author of Time For Mom-Me: 365 Daily Strategies For a Mother’s Self-Care and Time for Mom-Me: 5 Essential Strategies for a Mother’s Self Care is kicking off her Time for Mom-Me support groups at several Corner Bakery locations in Maryland including: Towson 823...Learn More »

Does Motherhood Have You Stressed Out?

On this past Thursday, Fox aired The Women Lost In Motherhood segment on The Ricki Lake show  of which I was the mom expert assigned to help a mom(TV Replay with highlights of her story here) feeling overwhelmed with everything.   After the segment aired the mom I helped story hit a nerve among moms...Learn More »

The 7 Truths About Motherhood

Motherhood is great but at times, it can be extremely difficult. I am the mother of a 14, 11, and 7-year-old, and every day, my children provide new joys to celebrate and new challenges to overcome. Our days are a blur of meals to be prepared, assignments to check, assemblies to attend, “boo-boos” to...Learn More »

Boundaries Are Your Birthright

One of the most difficult things to do is to create boundaries with the people in your life.  Remember that boundaries aren’t punitive they are essential rules for living.  Without clearly expressing to others when you are available, how much you are willing to give or take or what your requirements are for healthy...Learn More »