Social Skills

Helping Your Child Fit into the New Social Scene

Any new social scene can be really tough. Having all new classmates, joining a brand-new group of kids on a soccer team, transferring to a new school, going away to camp alone and most of all moving isn’t easy. And oh how kids can pour on the guilt to remind us they’re not happy...Learn More »

Simple Parenting Secrets for Setting Up Successful Play Groups

Did you know that studies find playgroups are one of the best ways for kids to learn friendship-making skills as well as build their self-esteem? Though there is bit of organization and parental planning involved, there are so many rich social benefits for youngsters that playgroups are expanding from coast to coast. Each of...Learn More »

Simple Parenting Secrets to Get Kids to Tell You What’s Really Going On In their Life

Most teachers will admit there are some students who just never leave your heart. Six-year-old Ricky was one of those kind of children. He was adorable: bright red hair, a face filled with freckles, a huge Cheshire-cat type grin that went from ear to ear. He also had a sharp mind, a memory filled...Learn More »

Six Tricky Friendship Issues that Concern Parents and How to Solve Them

Friends obviously do play an enormous role in our kids’ lives. We also know the ability to make friends is not inherited, but involves a number of skills which can all be learned. That means parents can make a big difference on their kids social lives. Our real parenting goal should not be to...Learn More »

Parent Solutions for Kid Sleepovers, Slumber Parties and Camp

Sleepovers with a pal, slumber parties with the crowd or going away to camp for the first time. And if your kid’s the one who’s spending the night, then you get some free time. Sounds like a joy, but to some of us it’s just one big headache. For many kids the idea of...Learn More »

What to Do If You’re Concerned About Your Kids’ Friends

Bad friends. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: we imagine only the worse: drugs, smoking, sex, trouble with the law. But what should parents do if they notice that their daughter is hanging out more with a kid whose values don't seem in sync with their own? Is there ever a time when you should...Learn More »

11 Secrets to Helping Your Child Handle Cliques And Navigate That Vicious Social Jungle

Being “in” is every child’s dream, but being excluded is painful. There’s nothing worse than sitting alone in the cafeteria or not getting the invitations. Cliques rule. Trying to break in can be as tough as trying to make it into an exclusive country club or sorority. This isn’t about trying to make your...Learn More »