Safe Schools: Nine Ways to Make a Difference For Our Kids

Most parents today share a deep concern about the safety of their children's schools. So if you've had a few worry pangs, believe me, you're not alone. Be assured that children do not become homicidal maniacs overnight. They've usually had a gradual, steady build-up of risk factors (such as neglect, bullying, toxic parenting, failures,...Learn More »

Six Tips for Cooling Kids of Bad-Tempered Attitudes

Yelling. Fighting. Hitting. Tantrums. Biting. Sound familiar? They are all typical behaviors bad-tempered kids use to make their needs known and to get their way. Child expert and author, Michele Borba tells parents: “Calming a hot temper is not only teachable but also essential for growing up in this sometimes violent, unpredictable world.” Here...Learn More »

Anger Management Strategies for Kids: Five Ways to Help Kids Learn the Virtue of Self-Control and Stay Calm

Our children are facing much more pressing types of daily stresses than most of us ever dealt with in our childhood. Just think of the kinds of horrific images our kids are exposed to on the nightly news: riots, hate crimes, random shootings, bombings, kidnappings, senseless murders. We're also seeing a troubling increase in...Learn More »

9 Ways To Keep Violence Out of Your Family’s World

Kids don’t become homicidal maniacs overnight—violence is learned behavior. Here are nine critical tips to protect kids from violence and boost their peacefulness. 1. Model coolness: Kids are watching! Calmness is learned and starts at home, so parents much show kids they can keep cool...even in a crisis. A telling questions parents should ask...Learn More »

Six Lessons from the Horrors of a School Shooting

The images of SWAT teams marching onto Chardon High School to rescue students from a student shooter sent shock waves through us all. The scene was déjà vu: Columbine—again—and our worse nightmare revisited. As of this post, three students have died at the hands of a student shooter. The shooting occurred after a steady...Learn More »