Dyan Eybergen

Is Parent Coaching Right For You?

  • You are frustrated and angry with your children to the point where you need help coping
  • Parenting issues are beginning to interfere with other areas of your life
  • The techniques you are using with your children are not effective
  • You feel you and your partner are on the opposite ends of the parenting styles spectrum
  • You are unsure if you are on the right track and feel unsupported
  • You are a stepparent and are struggling to find your role as a parent with your partner’s children
  • You want to prevent future parenting problems

Would you welcome the opportunity to learn about how to tailor your parenting to meet the needs of your children and manage the stress of it all? Then Parent Coaching could be the life-line you're looking for!


Virtual Parenting Coaching by Dyan Eybergen, Coach Apparent Ltd.


  • Parenting the anxious child
  • Parenting the ADHD child
  • Parenting the behaviourally challenging child (oppositional defiant)
  • Child and teen low self-esteem
  • Parenting the child with learning difficulties

Telephone, Skype and eMail Coaching Consultation Available, as well as in-home coaching in the Alberta, Canada area.




Dyan Eybergen is a child and adolescent psychiatric nurse with a wide range of therapeutic experience, including work in crisis and stabilization, inpatient assessment, outpatient/family/adult/individual counseling and young offender’s rehabilitation. Dyan Eybergen received an undergraduate degree in the study of Psychology from the University of Waterloo; a diploma in Health Sciences from Cambrian College and an Advanced Studies in Mental Health Certificate from Mount Royal College, Alberta. She is also a certified Canadian Mental Health/Psychiatric Registered Nurse and volunteers her time at the Alberta Emergency Youth Shelter.

Dyan is also a member of the Alberta Writer’s Guild and an award-winning author for her parenting book Out of the Mouths of Babes. Dyan is also a member of the Speaker’s Bureau of Alberta and a selected judge for the 2010 prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards. Her credentials and recognized level of expertise in parenting education lends itself frequently to CTV SouthWestern Ontario’s Health and Lifestyle and CTV Edmonton’s News at Noon as a contributing parenting expert. Dyan lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband and three sons.