Harry H. Harrison Jr.

"I started writing books about raising kids because I have pretty firm views about what parenting is all about. (My wife is a teacher who sees the good, the bad and the ugly results of parenting every day.) My books are short, quick and to the point. I don’t dwell on the existentialism of parenthood. I talk about the challenges, the hilarity, the love and the realities. I always knew men preferred books like that. It turns out moms and teenage girls do to.

My mission is change some views: it’s time we start being parents to our kids, not trying to be their best friend ever. It’s time we start preparing them for the real world that awaits, not spending thousands of dollars on giving them the bestus six year old birthday party in the world. It’s time we model adult behavior for our kids, not try and act like fifteen year olds ourselves. I also have strong views about faith which irritates some people but it’s their offspring clogging the juvenile system. So, that’s what I’m about. You’ll find some great links here as well as well as links to my never boring blog. And about three to four million people believe you’ll find some really cool books.

I’m always interested in what you have to say, so email me here."

~ Harry


Harry H Harrison Jr. is a NYTIMES best selling parenting author with over 3.5 million books in print. He has been interviewed on over 25 television programs, and featured in over 75 local and national radio stations including NPR. His books are available in over thirty-five countries throughout Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Norway, South America, China, Saudi Arabia and in the Far East. For more information visit www.fearlessparenting.com.


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