Nancy Carlsson-Paige Ed.D.

Nancy Carlsson-Paige is a professor of education at Lesley University and a co-founder of Lesley's masters degree program in conflict resolution and peaceable schools.  For more than twenty years, Nancy has been studying how violence, particularly in the media, affects children's social development, and how children learn the skills for caring relationships and positive conflict resolution.

Nancy has co-authored four books and many articles on media violence and children, conflict resolution, peaceable classrooms and global education. Her children's book, Best Day of the Week, tells the story of two children who use conflict resolution skills to work their way through a conflict.

Nancy is an advisor for public television on programs having to do with violence and children. She is also a research affiliate at the Center for Peaceable Schools which she helped to co-found at Lesley University, and is an advocate for healthier, more nonviolent schools and communities for all children.

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