Spice Up Your Summer BBQ

ImageEveryone loves summer barbeques- they’re a great way to get everyone together and enjoy some delicious food. But by mid-July some of us are sick of the usual hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, etc. I was featured on News Channel 8’s Let’s Talk Live to give some great tips for spicing up a summer BBQ. The tips I provided are easy to prep the night before the BBQ, so you can enjoy the party with your guests. Click here to watch the whole clip!

Little Known Facts About Lamb

Most people avoid choosing to make lamb for a BBQ because they are unsure how to make it, or think that it takes a long time, but it is actually just as easy to cook as chicken or beef. Not only that, but lamb in a nutritional powerhouse. It has more protein than beef and a 3 oz serving is just 175 calories.  It contains tons of vitamins and minerals, including B12, niacin, zinc, and iron. Vitamin B12 is important for maintaining energy and keeping our skin, hair, and nails healthy. Niacin helps with your glycogen stores in your muscles and helps speed up your recovery time. Zinc is so important because it is found in every tissue of the body. Lamb is good source of zinc, which benefits you by providing you with an antioxidant, helps maintain normal hormone levels, and boosts your immune system.  I found a couple great recipes from leanonlamb.com—one that had lamb skewers marinated in a ginger garlic satay and a lamb mango tostado.

Cook Up Your Color

We all know how important veggies are, but the key to having your guests enjoy them is to make them tasty. You can have your guests asking for seconds by making hearty veggie skewers marinated with Mazola corn oil, water, white wine, lemon, and mixed dried herbs with a dash of red pepper flakes for some heat. Mazola corn oil is great to use because it has four times the plant sterols than olive oil and has the most plant sterols of any other oil you can purchase. Plant sterols are important because they essentially lower the amount of cholesterol in our bodies.

And while you’ve got the grill hot, why not throw some fruit on it? Using Mazola corn oil and some simple herbs and spices as a marinade, you can grill watermelon, pineapple, mango, peaches, etc.

What Would a BBQ Be Without Some Chips and Dip?

Chips and dip are great because the grocery store really helps you cut down on prep time. Tostitos makes these great Artisan chips in mouth-watering flavors like roasted garlic and black bean. They’re great because they provide 8 grams of whole grains in each serving! What is even better is that they are made with “real ingredients” that you can see and taste in every chip. Pick up a bag along with some store made guacamole and black bean dip, spice them up a bit, and you’ll have an appetizer you know everyone will love.  I spiced up my guacamole by adding Weber Chipotle Marinade for a sweet and spicy Tex-Mex flavor and added chopped mango and jalapeno for an extra kick.

Disclosure: I worked with The Tri-Lamb Group, Mazola Corn Oil, and Tostitos on the TV appearance.

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