10 Questions You Need To Ask Your Kid’s College Counselor

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When you announce your child is getting ready to go to college, you’ll get a ton of advice. Sometimes you’re asking for the advice, other times it’s just being offered (whether you want it or not).

At the end of the day, usually someone is assisting your student through the process. It might be you, the parent. It might be a relative, a counselor at school, a financial planner — you’re getting advice from SOMEONE about all of this.

The question is, is it really the right advice?

How can you tell if it is good advice? Well the first thing you should consider when someone is offering advice is this — what were the results the person offering you advice actually got?

So, let’s say your office mate offers you some advice about colleges. After all, his oldest just went through the whole college “thing”.   And, since he’s been through it once, he’s sure that makes him an expert, of course.

Here’s the thing: when anyone offers you advice about the college search, selection, application and financial aid process, you should ask questions to get a better sense of the quality of the advice being offered.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking questions, then why would you even consider following the advice offered?

The greatest indicator of the quality of any advice you get is RESULTS — and not just “one time only”.

Is the person you’re looking to as an advisor consistently and repeatedly getting these results?

Anyone can get lucky, once in a while.

A true expert can produce repeatable and verifiable results over and over again.

If you’re being offered advice about the college process, here are 10 great questions you should ask anyone whose advice you’re considering following.

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