10 Tips For the Fine Art of Collecting Friends

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Some people collect art, I collect people. Over the years my priceless collection has grown in profound, multi-dimensional ways. Assessing what has allowed me to gather such an extraordinary group around me, I have come to realize that the secret is the heart-first creative approach I take with every single human being I connect with. And with every relationship I cultivate, a part of me grows in incremental ways. My emotional well being increases, my intellectual curiosities are fueled, and most importantly my spirit dances as it connects with the souls of people who are doing, creating, and impacting our world in small and but powerful ways.

So how do I find, grow, and care for my eclectic, multi-generational collection of human masterpieces?

The answer is simple. I love them from the start unconditionally and I see each of them as rare and priceless pieces of art. Now I admit that not everyone remains a part of a collection and some fade way from the relationship. I consider this a valuable experience in and of itself, for though temporary, I am so grateful for every bit I learn and every way my heart grows from these brief connections. In the end, those that stay in my life offer so much to my work and genius journey that it’s now much easier to let go of those who walk away in order to focus wholeheartedly on those who stay.

To inspire you to cultivate to your genius tribe, think about my top ten creative, heart-first techniques for growing and nurturing your people collection.

Relationships are not transactions, so don’t treat them that way. If you are pursuing someone to get something from them, forget about it—it never works in the long run. Even if you are a go-getter, Type-A personality and treat everyone as a potential client, investor, or teacher, the relationship won’t last and won’t offer you the sustenance that is probably lacking in your life.

Instead, try making yourself vulnerable and connect from the heart. It may feel raw at first but with practice you will come to learn that heart-first relationships are much more rewarding on every level than short-lived transactional ones.

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