11 Amazing Uses For Lip Balm

There’s no denying that lip balm is a smart winter investment, but did you know its benefits go way beyond smoothing your pucker? Here are 10 ways to make like MacGyver with you chapped lip zapper. 

  1. Wave Goodbye To Windburn: A red, chapped face doesn’t exactly scream ski bunny chic. With a convenient, oval shaped tip, LypSyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer can easily be applied to your face before you hit the slopes, shielding your skin from the elements and preventing you from feeling the burn. Plus, its ultra-lightweight formula won’t clog your pores.

  2. Create A Cream Shadow: To make eyes dazzle, dab your favorite shadow on lids, followed by a schmear of lip balm. Glossy and unique, yet understated. The eyes have it!

  3. Help Heal Dry Hooves – And More: Smooth a beeswax infused lip balm, like LypSyl, on rough elbows, cracked heels, and dry knees. The beeswax locks in moisture for long-lasting protection, so you won’t feel the need to constantly hide in bulky clothing and outerwear.

  4. Calm Cuticles: Think of your lip balm as a cuticle cream and you’ll always have a smoothing solution at hand. A chapstick with a mix of natural botanicals and vitamins will instantly infuse moisture into dry digits.

  5. Get Cheeky: Give your face a dewy finish by lightly tapping LypSyl over your favorite blush. Blend and admire your A-list worthy work in the mirror.

  6. Give Lips A Hint of Tint: Coat lips with chapstick and then lightly tap your fave pink or plum shadow on top. Purse lips to blend and, voila, custom lip color.

  7. Fight Flakes: Winter equals coughing and sneezing, which can lead to a dry, flaky nose. Kick that dead skin to the curb by smoothing a hydrating lip balm underneath your beak and along the sides.  

  8. Beat Blisters: Think of your lip balm as a blister blasting stick! Smooth LypSyl on your feet to reduce the friction from your shoes and prevent unsightly sores.

  9. Tame Flyaways: In a pinch, rub some chapstick on your palms, then smooth through strands to combat frizz.

  10. Perfect Your Arches: Have stray brows sticking up got you feeling down? Turn that lip balm into a brow wax and put hair in its place for good.

  11. Stop The Bleed: Ouch! Cut yourself shaving? Pack your first aid kit with LypSyl. Dab a bit directly on skin and most cuts will stop bleeding, stat!

Find LypSyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer in Original or HoneyBerry for $2.99 a piece at drugstores nationwide. 


This article is sponsored by LypSyl. The product(s) reviewed in this article was provided to GalTime by the public relations firm that represents the manufacturer. All opinions are those of the author. 

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