3 Steps to Beautiful Skin!

By Brook and Tara, Your Go-To Product Gals

So here’s a question…As women, what’s the first thing we do after we discover an awesome little clothing boutique, come across that just-right-shade of hot pink lipstick, (like MAC’s Girl About Town…just sayin’!) or stumble upon a fabulous shoe sale online? You pick up the phone and call your girls, right? That’s why our jobs as home-shopping hosts and GalTime Product Experts are so much fun, because we get to share our fabulous finds with all of you!

And because we discover, pick, and choose all the products we share on TV and online, you’re guaranteed that if we don’t love it AND use it, we don’t bring it to you! Which brings us to Skin Again, our new favorite skincare line that has literally taken years off of our faces! And you don’t have to be a TV host living in the land of eternal youth, AKA Los Angeles, to want beautiful, healthy, younger-looking skin. We ALL want that right?

That’s why when we discovered Skin Again’s Radiance line we went bananas! (Even more so than normal!) This easy-to-use three-step system restores that youthful glow that most of us haven’t seen since our 20’s! Since using this product, we’ve gotten numerous comments on our skin.

And without spilling the beans as to how old we are, it was us, not our 22-year-old assistant, who were asked to show our ID’s while out for cocktails! And trust us, we haven’t been 22 for a VERY long time!

Step one is Remove, which gently exfoliates dull skin cells and minimizes your pores.

Step two, Renew, is a hydrating serum that lifts, check, hydrates, check, and improves age-related skin damage, double check! And the finale knock-out punch is Restore, which sealed the deal for us! 

Restorem (the final step) IMMEDIATELY reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing collagen. And why is collagen sooooo important ladies? It’s the KEY to youthful skin! And here’s where it gets even better. Skin Again has multiple lines and products to treat your individual needs!

Got Acne?

Then give blemishes the boot with Skin Again Clear! Clear is great for teens and adults who struggle with acne breakouts!

Got a Man?

Then give your honey the gift of handsome skin with Skin Again Men! Both of our husbands, who are soap-and-water kind of guys, were super excited to see the disappearance of redness, rashes, and ingrown hairs!

Got a Bikini Wax Rash?

Then soothe your skin, or any irritation or burn for that matter, with Skin Again’s Pro-Tone!

Pro-Tone treats all burns, including laser treatments, radiation therapy, sunburns and waxing!

Where Can I Get Skin Again?

That’s easy! Just log on to www.SkinAgain.com and click on the Brook & Tara GalTime icon. We’ve secured special discount pricing for you with a 30-day money back guarantee, but keep in mind that this GalTime Only Opportunity is only available through October 31st, 2012.

And if you’re sitting there contemplating whether or not to check out www.SkinAgain.com, just remember that if we don’t love it AND use it, we don’t bring it to you. Check out more about Brook and Tara!

Brought to you by SkinAgain

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