5 Adorable, Easy Halloween Kid Crafts

As we get closer to Halloween, entertain your little goblins with fun (not frightful!) activities by turning a chilly fall day into a “crafternoon.” Try these four DIY projects at home for kids of all ages.

1. Create a candy pumpkin character. Gather an assortment of candies so the kids can create a sweet and spooky face by gluing or taping each item onto the pumpkin! Remind them that the glue-covered candy is not edible, but the leftover candies are! 

For an even lower-tech version, use a simple-to-apply sticker kit like this one from Paper Source for $8.95.

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2. Decorate trick-or-treat bags. Round up craft items such as markers, colored pencils, cardstock, glue sticks, stamps or stickers and spend a few hours with your kids creating their goodie bag.

3. Trace iconic Halloween silhouettes on helium-filled balloons. Use magic markers to create ghouls on white balloons or jack-o-lanterns on orange balloons before a party. Tie them onto banisters or chairs before guests arrive using festive Halloween string (like this one from Sweet Lulu, $15).

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4. Decorate your front yard and porch with easy to make ghosts! Wondering what to do with all those old white t-shirts or sheets? Bring them back to life with this simple, cute project.

Here are the easy instructions: 

-Cut fabric into squares. (18x18 is a nice size, but you can try other sizes).
-Lay one piece of fabric flat. Form a ball in the center using a second piece of fabric or stuffing from a craft store.  

-Gather the fabric around the ball (to create the ghost’s head) and secure using string.

-Draw ghost’s face with markers.
-To hang, snip two small holes on top of ghost’s head and run string through to make a loop. Display from trees or on the front porch.

5. Create Halloween placemats! Have kids cut out and decorate holiday shapes such as pumpkins, bats, or witches’ hats using construction paper, then tape them to cardstock. Get the placemat laminated at a copy shop and use them for family dinners leading up to Halloween!  

Now that you and your little monsters have prepped for the holiday, it’s time to enjoy a candy-filled night full of fright!

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