5 Benefits of School Uniforms for Girls

the benefits of school uniforms?

In my work with teens, I have the privilege of talking with teens who go to all kinds of high schools all over the world.

Some of these schools require uniforms and some don't. Many of the girls I have spoken with have been to both schools that require uniforms and to others that do not.

I, myself, have always been somewhat averse to the idea of uniforms because of my love for fashion and style. After listening to these girls, though, I am beginning to see some of the benefits of uniforms.

Here is what girls from the U.S., Hong Kong, Canada, Barbados,and Spain are saying about the pros of uniforms. I have to tell you that I was quite surprised!

1. They say that it makes it a lot easier to get ready for school. They don't have to put as much time into selecting an outfit.

2. They feel that it reduces competition between the girls.

3. They admit that there are still ways to individualize these outfits with a tug here and a little pull there.

4. They feel that they can focus on things other than clothing.


5. They do get some special days to wear their non-uniform clothing, which they look forward to eagerly.

So, parents and teens, what are your thoughts? Pro Uniforms or Anti-Uniforms and why? 

Barbara Greenberg and Jennifer Powell-Lunder are authors of the hit book, "Teenage as a Second Language: A Parent's Guide to Becoming Bilingual."  They've set up an interactive website for parents and teens to listen, learn and discuss hot topics and daily dilemmas. You can find it at www.talkingteenage.com.

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