5 Reasons Your Mom Rocks

If you are lucky enough to have a mother who you have a relatively good relationship with for most of your life (no matter how old you are), then you are one lucky person.  Here are just a few reasons why we our mothers, in spite of and sometimes for their quirks, deserve to be honored (and not just on Mother's Day).

1. She is invested in the details

As you go through life there is usually that one person who cares about the ins and outs of your day. I am referring to the minutiae of your day like how your dentist appointment went, how you couldn't get that haircut because you didn't have time and maybe even how irritated you were about having to wait so long at the pediatrician's office. There are countless other examples. You can probably add an infinite number of endings to the following statement. When I'm upset about______ and no on else will listen I call my mother.

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2. She sees the whole picture of your life

Your mother is usually the person who is always there for you during the life cycle and all of its transitions. She sees you through puberty, graduations, marriage, divorce, and childbirth. She knows your history and brings each bit of history to the new situation.

3. She's the head cheerleader on your squad

When you have experienced a success and are looking for someone to mirror your excitement, it is usually your mother who will do that. She will bask in your accomplishment. It is unlikely that she will get envious or try to deflate you. Even some of our best friends may unintentionally ruin a moment of joy for us with that millisecond of envy that we notice crossing their face. But not your mom.

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4. And she's the only person you want around when you're ill

Who else stayed up all night with you when you were sick and comforted you? Who would you call now if you were feeling ill and needed a maternal hand? Your mother, of course.


5. She will take the blame

Have to get out of a meeting? Feeling pressure from your friends and need to escape? Point the blame at your mom. She can not only take it, she is happy to have it if means you will feel better, be safer and make a wise choice. Once you are a mom also, if you do or say anything wrong to your kids that you regret, your mothers will come in handy. You can blame your errant behavior on the bad influence of your mother.


Why does your mom rock? Tell us!

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