5 Ways To Get Holiday Party Ready In 30 Minutes Or Less!

Does this holiday scenario sound familiar?

That holiday shopping trip that was supposed to take 20 minutes ended up sucking two hours from your day. The gifts you really wanted to get were all sold out. You race home, grabbing takeout on the way, only to be informed by your significant other that they forgot to tell you about a holiday party. And, by the way, it’s in 30 minutes.

It’s okay to laugh.  I think it’s happened to all of us at least once in our lives. You’re exhausted. You look frazzled and frumpy. How can you look presentable for a party in a half an hour? 

Don’t worry! Here are five easy tips that will make you look younger, vibrant, and party ready in an instant.

Check Your Posture: Start by looking in the mirror. Hunching instantly makes you look older. So, like mom used to tell you, stand up straight! My favorite trick is to turn your thumbs out. It forces your shoulders back. You’ll seem confident and poised, which makes you seem friendlier and more approachable.

Give Yourself A Little Color: If you’ve been run ragged from a busy holiday schedule, apply a touch of bronzer or a tinted moisturizer with a slight glow to perk up dull skin.  Just a touch of blush can do the same thing. Go easy. A little goes a long way. Too much color can actually highlight wrinkles, transforming you from holiday-healthy to circus-chic. (Try: Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti-Age BB Cream, $11.99; L'Oreal Paris Limited Edition Project Runway Blush, $8.99)

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Mind The Eyes—But Not Too Much: I’ve noticed that when women feel tired, the feature they almost always feel compelled to doctor-up is their eyes.  However, overcompensating can be as telling as not doing enough.  A half-moon of white under each eye screams ‘I’m trying to hide something under this makeup!’  Concealer should blend with the skin and look natural.  The skin under your eyes is thinner than the rest of your skin, so when you buy concealer, make sure you choose a shade slightly lighter than your foundation. It should also have a hint of a yellow tint for covering dark circles.  Use concealer and eye shadow sparingly.  The delicate eye skin gives more easily under the weight of lots of makeup, which causes that cakey, painted on look. (Try: Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette, $38.00)

Go For A Hair "DO": If you’re still clinging to your big bangs, a “Rachel” cut from the 90s, or a Victoria Beckham inspired bob from the early 2000s, it’s time for a change. Your new ‘do doesn’t have to be a radical departure from the style you’ve got, just something that defines you in the “now” rather than the past. When you present yourself as contemporary, others will mentally deduct years from your age.  If you’re not sure what “now” is in the world of hairstyles, flipping through magazines is a great way to learn the newest trends. A simple, poofy ponytail or well-placed plait only takes minutes and can really turn your look around, without a trip to the salon. 

Polish Your Smile: Studies have shown that smiling generally makes people appear younger and more attractive to others.  However, if your smile flashes neglected, discolored teeth, it will add years to your appearance.  Aside from basic hygiene, such as brushing at least twice daily and regular flossing , you can whiten your teeth a shade or two naturally.  If you can stand the smell and taste, a sea salt and vinegar tooth scrub is an excellent whitening agent. So is a homemade paste of basil, olive oil, and baking soda. (Try: Colgate Optic White Daily Toothpaste, $2.99)

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Now you are ready for all those fabulous parties, no matter how hectic your schedule gets!

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