7 Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble

how to spot the red flags

Something feels off in your relationship... but you can't quite put your finger on it. Is it just a bump in the road-- or could this be the end?

According to Angela Lutin, a dating and relationship columnist who also writes the dating advice blog Essentially Angela, there are telltale signs your relationship is heading towards splitsville. Lutin, a single mother and serial dater is familiar with breakups and divorce. She's sharing her tips on what watch for if you are worried about your relationship.

7 Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble

1. Lack of affection – Touch is more than one of the five senses; it is a measure of one’s connectedness to another. When couples lose the desire to touch one another, it shows a decrease in intimacy and comfort between them. Without affection, romantic relationships are doomed.

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2. Resentment or disdain for the other – If simple arguments move to a level of disgust or resentment, the relationship may be beyond repair. While disagreements are normal in relationships, couples should be able to resolve them through the loving feelings they have for one another. If that's lost, the arguments can escalate to a level of no resolution.

3. Infrequent sexSexual intimacy is a key component in any happy relationship. Humans are sexual beings; if partners aren’t having sex with each other, chances are they will have sex with people outside the relationship.

4. No couple time – There are so many things that can distract couples from each other-- including work and kids. If partners don't make a point of spending time alone, they won't have time to connect with each other. 

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5. Living separate lives – While it’s healthy for people to have their own friends and interests, they should never become a priority over a spouse. Choosing a night out with the girls over an evening out with a significant other could signal trouble.

6. Lack of communication – If you’re that couple that eats in silence at the restaurant staring blankly around, chances are things aren’t running smoothly. Eye contact and conversation are essential to maintaining a lasting relationship. People in a strong relationship should never have to rack their brains for what to say next. 

7.  A change in grooming habits – When seemingly out of the blue, one partner starts caring more about how their hair looks or what they should wear-- there may be someone else out there they are trying to impress. What was once neglected for their significant other has now become important for someone new.

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