7 Sweet Gifts to Say You Care (for Under $50)

by Eleanore Wells

When I was a kid, I loved Valentine’s Day. I got such a kick out of giving out Valentine’s Day cards with big red hearts to all the people who made me happy. I gave them to my parents, my teachers, favorite classmates, playmates -- even the mail carrier

Let’s reclaim Valentine’s Day and experience it the way we did when we were kids by injecting some lightheartedness into a day so fraught with emotion.  You don’t need a date for that! Here are our favorite ways of telling our friends, coworkers, sisters (and maybe even the mail carrier) that we appreciate who they are in our lives. Even better, each is under 50 bucks.



Artful macaroons

Beautiful to look at, delightful to devour, these Crème Macaroons come in a myriad of designs and flavors. $48 for a box of 12.  

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Heart-shaped marshmallows

A softer take on the classic Valentine candy, and perfect for your sweetheart’s hot drink or your kid's cocoa. These are $1.75 and up. 

Gourmet Nuts

Delicious and healthy handcrafted Spanish peanuts in six unique flavors, including Dark Cocoa Chili, Spicy Cinnamon, and Hot Curry. They start at $7.

Black Strap Molasses Rum

Serve over ice to warm up on Valentine's eve. By Cruzan, $17.99 a bottle.

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Men's shaving kit

This set is perfect for the man who loves to be pampered. It comes with a genuine badger-hair brush, pre-shave oil, shave cream, and after-shave balm, all in a handy travel-ready TSA compliant zip-up bag. http://www.nyshavingcompany.com ">Kits start at $28.  

Holiday glassware

This blown-glass stemware is designed to look like there’s always a celebration going on!  Available at Pier 1, $6 each

Heart bakeware

Mix up a batch of your brownies, mini-cakes or even pancakes and give them to the ones you love this Valentine's Day with this 5-pack heart pan set for $12.99.  

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