7 Things You Should Never Say To Your Man

by We Love Dates 

Communication, and lots of it, is key to a healthy and happy relationship. However, there are some things that are best left unspoken. Here are 7 things that you should never say to your man!

1. “Nothing is wrong, I'm fine.”  Usually said during an argument or tense discussion, most guys know that when they hear this line they are in for a long night. Instead of making him guess how you feel, meet him halfway and tell him exactly what is wrong...so he can start fixing it!

2. “Call your mother.”  When you tell a guy to call his mother, guess what?! You sound just like his mother. While you might speak to your parents daily, his relationship with his folks may be different. Let him take the lead on when to reach out to his family.

3. “Grow a pair.”  You might just be caught up in the heat of the moment, but emasculating comments like these can have lasting consequences. No guy wants to hear that he’s less of a man or not tough enough, especially coming from the woman he loves.

4. “Do I look fat?”  There is simply no right answer to this question. If a guy says “no”, he's often accused of lying or trying to appease his partner. If he says “yes” because he thought you wanted an honest opinion, he's a jerk. If you want his opinion on how you look, try asking something like “What do you think of these jeans? Or do you think the dress looks better?”  OR don't ask him about your appearance at all and remember that if he's in a relationship with you, he clearly likes what he sees.

5. “My ex...”  Your ex nothing! Unless it's an extreme circumstance, the man in your life currently doesn't want to hear a thing about your ex.

6. “Your friends are so annoying.”  They very well might be. I know when my fiance's college buddies come over to our apartment to watch the NBA play-offs (every night this week, might I add), I make it a point to schedule girls nights or work late simply because I know I'm going to be annoyed and go into panic mode when they spill Coors Light on my new rug.  But he loves his friends, and heck, I don't have to date them, so I keep my opinions to myself and remove myself from the situation. Remember, as annoying as you think his pals are, he probably feels the same way about yours.

7. “You don't know what you're doing.” Men love to figure things out and be over-all Mr. Fix-its, and it's frustrating and slightly embarrassing for them when they do things wrong. This doesn't mean that you should sit idly by and tell them how big, strong and perfect he is when he's clearly messing up, but choose your words carefully. Don't make him feel dumb-offer suggestions, opinions and support and let him figure it out for himself.

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