9 Reasons NOT to Get Married Over a Holiday Weekend

by Laura Seldon

An invitation to a wedding held on a holiday weekend will garner one of two responses: an excited cheer or an irritable complaint. While holiday weddings can be a great way to gather family and friends over a long weekend, it can also mean wedding guests will have to miss out on the road trip or family vacation they were planning. However, that’s not the only downside to a holiday weekend wedding. Tiffany Call, a special events producer who helps couples plan their big day at FantaSeaYachts in Marina del Rey, Calif., has 9 reasons NOT to get married over a holiday weekend.

1. Travel Accommodations

“Trying to travel on a holiday weekend is like going to a theme park on the hottest and busiest day of the year,” says Call. “It’s not always fun and a little stinky!”

Unless you have a year and a half to two years of planning and are able to make all of your travel accommodations in advance, you may be forcing yourself and your guests into the most expensive wedding they have ever been a part of thanks to holiday prices and last-minute fees.

2. Crowds, Crowds, Crowds

No doubt about it, we Americans like to travel on holiday weekends and that can mean things may get a wee bit crowded.

“I am personally not a fan of crowds,” shares Call. “You’ll begin to realize parking will be tough, the wait for rehearsal dinners and brunches will be long – maybe even with reservations – and if you’re planning a summer wedding, you may be doing everything in excessive heat!”

Call adds that brides may want to rethink satin dresses for their bridal party if they’re planning a summer wedding as sweat does show! “That's where the smell I mentioned earlier comes from!” she says.

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3. Regretful RSVPs

Take into account that your guests may have annual holiday plans that they cannot change for you! “If you chose a popular holiday for your wedding, assume at least 15%-20% of your guests will be unable to attend,” explains Call. But if you have a large guest list, maybe that’s not such a bad thing!

4. Bad for the Budget

Many couples think booking a Sunday wedding during a three-day weekend will mean they will save on expenses since venues, DJs and photographers can often be booked at a lower rate on a Sunday. However, that’s necessarily going to be true for every vendor!

“Holiday weekend pricing can sometimes be the most expensive,” warns Call. “If the venue isn't adding holiday pricing, your vendors may be, which can actually cancel out any savings from your venue.”

5. Limited Availability

Your venue, florist, linen rentals and other vendors may be all booked up or out of availability as holiday weddings are often booked earlier than other dates. “Have two or three backups ready to call just in case!” advises Call.

6. Increased Stress

Wedding planning is stressful enough on its own, but things can get tricky when you are dealing with friends and family who complain about your choice of a wedding date. “Why add unnecessary stress factors to your day?” asks Call.

7. Last-Minute Fees

A holiday weekend wedding could leave you with several last-minute fees if you need something (dress alterations, limo services, or additional flowers) in an emergency and your vendor plans to be closed!

“Plan on coming up with an additional 5%-10% on top of your estimated budget to account for the hidden fees or last minute, unexpected costs,” warns Call.

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8. A Scheduling Nightmare

Working out a schedule with your bridal party and family will likely be difficult no matter the date of your wedding, but things can get rough when you add in a holiday weekend.  

“Think about this one for a moment,” says Call. “Take into account the traffic, higher hotel and airline popularity, school schedules and traffic... oh wait, did I already mention that one? Well it definitely deserves to be listed twice as it is twice a pain!”

9. Street Closures

While Call has already warned of added traffic, there may also be an unexpected increase in street closures for festivals, parades and holiday celebrations in your area.

“Just imagine your limo trying to pick up and drop off the bridal party and family when they can't get through the streets because they are full of thousands of people,” says Call. She advises to be prepared and do your research as you’re selecting a wedding date. “Most cities announce when a major festival is happening on their website.”

Still thinking of holding a holiday wedding? Just make sure to send out your save the date cards well in advance… and have a blast no matter what!

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Laura Seldon is a Los Angeles-based writer published by The Huffington Post, Spark Networks, and Rock The Vote. As a happily married newlywed, Seldon can tell you that getting married over a holiday weekend can also be an amazing venture – she herself was married over Labor Day weekend in 2012. Follow her on Twitter and Tweet her your questions about planning a holiday weekend wedding… especially when it comes to picking out the dessert… she LOVES dessert…

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