Beauty Rules Made to Be Broken

In beauty (as in life), some rules are just made to be broken. Here are a few that should tempt the good girl in all of us to cross the line once in a while:

Rule # 1 - Don’t pair strong eye makeup with a bold lip. This is one rule that everyone should break for a big night out; nothing is sexier than a smokey eye paired with a classic burgundy red lip. The key is to keep the eyeshadows more neutral and not too sparkly. Strong beautifully done makeup is the perfect accessory to any party dress.

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Rule # 2 - Never match your eyeshadow to your eye color. Out of all the rule breakers this is my favorite. I love applying a sky blue liner or shadow along the lashline for clients with blue eyes; it gives the overall effect of bigger eyes. The same applies for green eyes and green shadows; I particularly love a metallic khaki green pencil paired with green eyes. For brown eyes, a gold flecked brown shadow will make the eyes really sparkle and still looks natural for daytime. If you're aiming for an evening look, try smudging black pencil for a smokey eye.

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Rule # 3 - Your eyebrows should match your hair color. I advise my over-40 clients to consider lightening their brows a bit, since it gives a softer more youthful look. For many “enhanced” blondes and redheads the brows look better left with slightly more natural shades. The key here is to make sure the brows are groomed and the arch is shaped up.

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