Crafts: Saving Summer Memories

show off your summer photos

Summer vacation means an endless opportunity to snap great photos. But after the fun in the sun is over-- what do you “do” with them? 

Often, those happy memories get stuck in our cellphones... or if we get organized enough to print them out, they get trapped in a photo album.

This summer, liberate those vacation photos and enjoy them all year long.

Upcycled Mint Tin 

Think outside the box—and inside the mint tin. Don’t toss out that used mint tin—transform it into a mini-album. All you need is an empty  tin (if you don’t have one, you can find them at craft stores), some paper to cover it with (a map of your vacation destination works well), Mod Podge (which is a sealer, glue and finish) or double-sided tape, scissors, nail file, and most importantly—photos.

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Print your images out “school photo” size… 2" x 3" on your home printer.

If using Mod Podge, apply to tin, adhere map, let dry and use a nail file to sand off the edges of the paper. You can also trace the tin on the paper and use double-sided tape to stick it on. Embellish the lid with stickers, buttons—whatever you have, and tuck your tiny images inside. This is a terrific mini-album to go… it fits neatly inside your purse and it’s a lot more fun to show friends and family than scrolling through vacation pictures on your phone.


Here’s another simple way to enjoy those photos everyday. You can grab a blank set of coasters at a craft store or home inprovement store for under six bucks. Print out the 4x6 size few of your favorite images. Trim them to fit on the coasters and use Mod Podge to glue them on top. After they dry, use a few more coats of Mod Podge to seal.

This goof poof craft project is a good one to get kids involved in too.

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Pick up a 12 x 12 shadow box frame and sheets of cork the same size.

Remove the glass from the frame and insert the cork. Cover the frame with paper (strips of a map work well) and stick them on there with double sized tape.

Many summer vacation days are spent around water. For an added touch, use hot glue to attach shells to pushpins. Just add photos and you have a fun display. 

Photo Gallery

Creating this “gallery” is a cinch. All you need is blank artist canvases, your favorite acrylic paint color and Mod Podge.

Mix up different sized canvases for visual interest. Paint the sides and edges of the canvases. Print and trim your photos to fit on top. Use Mod Podge on the back to “glue” them on the canvas and voila—a thrifty photo gallery to display... so you can enjoy your vacation memories everyday.

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