Create a Dazzling Holiday Table Display Using Everyday Items

By Mar Jennings

As I am constantly looking for ways to create a new display, I find that inspiration and unexpected resources present themselves to me everywhere I go.

I set off to create a truly unique table display using only items found at my local grocery store. When looking around for creative display finds, limitless possibilities were discovered when I asked myself one simple question: What can I do with this on my table? The elegance of the following “crafty design” pieces will amaze your family and friends.

Items you’ll need to create your very own dazzling table top include:

  • Mason Jars: The half-pint size serves as the perfect vessel for tea lights.
  • Wrapping Paper Rolls: Wrapping paper made from good paper stock serves up great style as a runner. Or if you prefer, double the paper over for use as a tablecloth—either way, disposable. Use pinking scissors to cut and roll paper to fit for a professional look. Have a table cloth you love to use? Cut the paper into placemats by simply tracing any mat you have as a template, cut and go!
  • Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles: Scatter these individually wrapped chocolates around your centerpiece. They’re pretty, reflect the candlelight, and of course, wonderful to nibble on before dessert arrives.
  • Epsom Salt: Perfect for creating a snowy effect on your table. Use as a base in a clear glass jar or snifter and nestle tea lights or candles into it.
  • Apples: Cut off 1/3 of the top to create a flat surface, then use an ice cream scooper to remove the remaining core. The apple has now become a small vase for a festive flower arrangement. Use a rubber band to secure the bouquet stems together. Make multiple arrangements, enough for each guest to take one home!
  • Large Artichokes: Did you know large artichokes make perfect candlestick holders? They do! Cut across the sections where the stem joins the flower to make a flat base. On the opposite end, drill a hole big enough for your candle to fit snugly. Don’t want to drill? If the candle is a traditional taper, insert a paring knife into the flower and twist. Mar’s Smart Tip: Create your artichoke candlestick holders ahead of time and keep them fresh in fridge. You can use them more than once by refrigerating between uses.
  • Scented Pine Cones: Use scented pine cones to make a creative place card holder alternative. If you try to slip a place card between the ridges, the card will look rippled and uneven. Instead, use a small hand saw to create a straight space. Place the cone on its side and saw the length of it—go about ½ inch deep. Insert a handwritten place card into the slice.

One stop shopping has never been so much fun! This season, browse your local grocery store with a spirit of adventure and you’ll be impressed with the creative and fun table top you’ll have to enjoy!

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