De-stress and Re-set With A Free Online Yoga Class!

Yoga poses to bring calm to your holiday chaos


Ready to slough off some holiday stress? This fitness video, compliments of NikkiFitness, is just a click away. Throw down your mat in your cubicle, living room or home office, press play and get your body moving.

Here's what Nikki told us about this workout that's perfect for the holiday season.

You've never toned, de-stressed and completed this many of your favorite poses in this short amount of time -- and you can easily fit it into your day! 

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Do this workout after a stressful day at your desk, when you want to work out hard, but also save time and stretch your knotted shoulder muscles. You will tone your abs, glutes, and arms while finding your breath. This is a quick power pose sequence, to fit in as many strengthening and lengthening poses as possible. Always know that you can press pause or relax in child's pose instead of doing any of these poses.


Thanks for joining us in a half-hour to a healthier, happier you this holiday season! 

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