DIY Place Card Holder Tutorial

by Carrie Waller

With winter behind us, we’ve got at least four months worth of party throwing weather ahead!

When planning out your next festive tablescape, consider thinking beyond traditional cardstock printouts for name cards. Using supplies that tally in at under $10, we created unique place holders from $1 buckets and chalkboard paint. The best part? Each acts as the perfect customized favor – Fill them with anything from popcorn to candy, and your guests will be swooning over your crafty attention to detail.


  • Mini colored tin buckets (we bought ours from the $1 bins at Target)

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1. Start by masking out your desired shape on the bucket using the tape – we went with long rectangles to make spelling out long names a cinch. Be sure to press the tape down well to prevent the paint from bleeding underneath.

2. Using a paintbrush, fill the space inside the masking tape with 2 to 3 coats of the chalkboard paint.

3. Before the paint dries completely, peel back the masking tape. If you wait until the paint is fully cured, you risk pulling the paint off with the tape.

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4. Give the paint 24 hours to dry, and then they’re party ready! Use either traditional chalk or washable chalk markers to label each bucket with the guest’s name.

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