Dry Skin Season Is Coming…Don’t Flake Out!

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‘Crackly’ is not a word you want to use when it comes to your skin. After summer is over, we have to deal with the next season of assault : fall. Dry air, heat, you name it– the danger to sumptuous skin is everywhere.  I’ve become kind of a pro at keeping my skin silky smooth year-round thanks to lots of great advice from doctors, friends and yes, the Internet.  Here are 8 tips that really work to manage and even prevent dry skin.

1.  Take a short shower in warm, not hot, water.  And give the tub a time out.  While long, hot baths (with candles and a glass of wine, which is also a no-no) may be soothing, they can dry the skin.

2.  Apply a rich moisturizing cream, lotion or ointment several times a day. Read the label carefully to make sure the product doesn’t contain alcohol.

3.  Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser.  Avoid antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers during the colder months.

4.  Use a humidifier at home to maintain air moisture.  You may need to place several around the house if you don’t have one installed in your heating system.

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