Eat Healthier on a Busy Schedule

Don’t Skip Meals. Too many people skip meals to make up for eating too many calories or empty calories the day or week before. This is one of the worst habits you can have when trying to stay healthy and keep weight down. Why? Every gland and organ in the body requires a certain amount of calories and nutrients to continue to work at their peak level. For instance, the thyroid gland is a gland that helps regulate our metabolism and it affects the amount of estrogen that is produced in our body. By skipping meals, thyroid production can be altered, slowing down metabolism and causing weight gain. 

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Consume Adequate Iodine. At least 3 small balanced meals each day are necessary to maintain a healthy weight. I recommend using “Real Salt” because the iodine is readily available to the body, unlike iodized salt. But it is also necessary to eat foods such as kelp, yogurt, eggs, strawberries and even mozzarella cheese, which are all sources of natural iodine, especially if you are on a salt restrictive diet.

Keep Blood Sugar Regulated. As you may know, the pancreas is the organ that regulates our blood sugar, and this organ too takes a lot of punishment when it comes to the average American diet. Too much food, too many processed or fatty foods, too much alcohol and sugar and also too little food can over-tax the pancreas and deplete it of healthy enzymes that the body requires to process and absorb nutrients.

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Make Time to Eat. If you don’t have time to eat anything else, make time to eat one to three pieces of raw fruit before coffee or tea in the morning. This will cleanse your system. The rest of day, concentrate on keeping your blood sugar up with healthy protein bars and protein drinks that are not loaded with sugar and fat. Stimulants such as caffeine and sugar exhaust and deplete your glands. Concentrate on small amounts of protein, raw fruits and vegetables every three to four hours to keep your energy up, your glands working in harmony and your health intact.

Take Time To Just Breathe. Take as many five-minute breaks as you can throughout your day and just breathe, relax your mind and feel peace. This really helps to energize you and keep you going throughout a busy day.

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