Eyelash Jewelry: The Next Big Thing?

Just when you thought nail art was getting crazy, along comes eyelash jewelry! Yes, eyelash jewelry is popping up on the catwalk and even a crosswalk near you.

We can all agree that there’s something incredibly feminine about beautiful eyelashes. Their instant ability to add flirtatious charm makes the quest for voluminous eyelashes part of our daily beauty routine. While mascara is a staple in every woman’s cosmetics bag, increasingly women are turning to false eyelashes. From subtle individual lashes applied with tweezers for precision, to wow-inducing mega lashes that aren’t for the sartorially shy, it’s clear that ladies are ready to lash out!  

But just in case you were wondering, we’re not talking about grandma’s false eyelashes. Eyelashes have moved beyond length and volume into statements of self-expression via eyelash jewelry.

Check out some of the most incredible eyelash innovations of eyelash jewelry to date, from cupcakes to seahorses and beyond!

ASOS, $23 

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These quirky eyelash extensions feature an intricate fish, seahorse, and coral design made from paper and can be trimmed for a more accurate fit. To apply, simply shape the band, line with lash adhesive, and apply just above the lash line. Now these are lashed you have to “sea” to believe!

Lash Republic, $18

Peacock feather designs were all the rage this holiday season and continue to symbolize luck with their vibrant tones on where else? Your peepers! To apply, use eyelash adhesive along the band and attach just above the lash line. The overall effect of these lashes is quite dramatic.

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Natalie Russo, $25

This new designer Natalie Russo has really made a name for herself in the Etsy community. She is the queen of eyelash jewelry and you’ll find a large assortment of pieces in her line. This cute and quirky look allows you to play and have fun with her designs.

Whether you think the eyelash jewelry trend is weird or wonderful, there’s no doubt these eyes have made a statement without saying a word.

Jeepers, creepers, would you wear these peepers?

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