Fashionista? Read This!

There’s an art to looking good without breaking the bank.

If you’re smart about spending, you can rock the latest and greatest runway looks on a limited income.

Don’t know where to start? Too busy to shop around? Lucky for you, the web is crawling with creative and savvy stylists who are more than happy to do the bargain hunting for you!

Make a habit of window shopping at these fabulous and budget-friendly blogs – you and your wallet will be glad you did!

The Budget Fashionista           

A gal rich in style and low in cash started this blog in 2003, and ever since she’s been helping women look chic without overspending. This one-stop site features daily deals and great pieces you can snag with friendly price tags. The Budget Fashionista also dishes out how-to-wear-it advice, along with makeup, fitness and other tips. We're sold!

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Broke and Beautiful

With a tagline, "Love buying things, hate spending money," what's not to love? When you’re low on cash, it can be difficult to choose which pieces are a good investment and which, well...aren't. Broke and Beautiful takes the guesswork out of fashion investing by profiling must-have pieces at prices you won’t feel guilty about. The stylists make shopping fun with clever little musings about each piece.

The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style

The philosophy behind this savvy site is that refusing to throw down half your paycheck on designer goodies doesn’t make you “cheap.” Stylist behind the blog, Lilliana Vazquez hunts for bargains on pricey items and passes her insider secrets on for how to get great deals. Lilliana matches runway trends to reasonably priced items that won’t max out your credit card and features a “deal of the week,” highlighting a trendy piece that’s available for a great price.

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The Budget Babe

For those of us who wish we could snag celebrity street style without actually ending up on the streets, this is the site for you. Go ahead, search by celebrity – their outfits are dissected piece by piece, with links to impressively close matches that cost a whole lot less. Whether you’re channeling Emma Stone, Rihanna or Kate Middleton, you’ll find what you need at The Budget Babe.

Fashion Hippo

Don’t be fooled by the name. Fashion Hippo posts information on the latest sample sales (also known as "flash sales") that let you snap up designer items at up to 85 percent off! These sales are limited, so check often and act fast! Some of what’s featured on this site may seem a little pricey compared to items listed on other budget blogs, but who says you can’t save even when you splurge? And people, this stuff is designer!

Do you have a budget fashion blog you adore? Share it with us!

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