Feel Like a Hot Mama Again!

by Erin Cox

I’ll never forget a month after having my first child. I’d worn yoga pants for three days straight and hadn’t looked in a mirror for days. When I did, I was shocked by the under-eye bags and seemingly rapid aging that occurred within weeks of having a baby. Just when I started feeling sort of skinny, I pulled on my regular pants to realize I could barely get them over my thighs. Talk about discouraging! Articulation and creative thoughts? Gone.

Was the fun, sassy, and intelligent woman I once was gone forever?

The game changer for me was finally getting some quality sleep and taking time for myself again. Suddenly, inspiration was reignited and getting my body back seemed genuinely tangible. I was motivated to exercise and felt “on fire.” My brain pumped out creative ideas. Essentially, I was reclaiming my mojo as a mom, realizing I could do everything I had ever dreamed of as a mom and more.

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There are times when motherhood “steals” our mojo – when we feel frumpy and unfulfilled. We all have infinite potential, but sometimes our crazy lives challenge us to the point where it feels impossible to follow our dreams. During these times, marriages can be neglected to the point of making this key relationship vulnerable. With little ones around, it can be hard to take time for our creative passions or for exercising daily, making us a few pounds overweight and feeling un-sexy. Who has time for a libido anyway?

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there at one point or another! The real “you” is still in there. You are full of greatness and potential. Lean in the direction of a happier and more fulfilling life! You deserve it mama!

5 Power Practices to Reignite Your Hot Mama Mojo (in addition to getting enough sleep)

1. Be happy. Happy mamas raise happy children. When motherhood feels overwhelming or gets you down, look around and focus on your blessings. Strive to set a positive example for your kids – show them how to handle adversity with grace and live with optimism.

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2. Treat your body like a shrine and love the way you look. Fuel and rest your body like the high performance machine you are! Make exercising a priority so you feel sexy and want to get clothes that flatter and express your unique beauty and personality.

3. Claim YOU time. The happiest mamas take time away from their families once and awhile to relax or pursue creative passions so they can return to mothering revitalized! This should include daily time alone for solitude and fostering a sense of inner calm by meditating, praying, or simply taking quiet time to read.

4. Connect with your partner. Try to line up babysitters or family so you and your partner can get out and focus completely on each other - no distractions, no stinky diapers, and no screaming children. All couples need time alone for pleasure and reconnection!

5. Get out with the girls. Thick support networks are the cornerstone of a woman with mojo! We all need those ladies that have our backs, who will be there in a moment’s notice, who will watch your children when you’re in a pickle and who will listen. Going out for lunch, shopping, or a night out on the town are great ways to bond with special friends.

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Erin Cox is on an author and is on a mission to inspire moms to lead healthier, happier, and hotter lives while raising children. To reclaim your Mojo, join Erin for a Hay House live online event called Reclaim Your Hot Mama Mojo, starting on January 15th event here or connect with her at www.erincox.com.

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