FUN Back to School Crafts for Kids

celebrate back to school with these simple crafts

Kids are hanging up their swimsuits and grabbing their backpacks-- it must be back to school time! Celebrate the transition from summer fun to school with some useful craft projects that the kids can help create.

Upcycled Crayons

I bet there are a lot of families out there who are just now emptying out last year’s backpack to make space for this year’s school supplies… and they’re finding all sorts of interesting things, like broken half used crayons.

You’re probably buying new crayons for school—but don’t throw last year’s sad stubby crayons away-- use them to make new, cuter crayons. All you need is the old crayons, a silicone mold and an oven. Kids can help with this project too.

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Remove the paper from those beat-up crayons and break them into small pieces. Silicone molds are found in the baking section of many stores. Sort the broken bits by color in the mold, then place on a cookie sheet and stick them in the oven set to 300 degree for 12-15 minutes until the crayons are melted. Remove the tray, let the crayons harden and voila—CUTE crayons…. The perfect size for small hands!

Apple Stamped Pencil Pouches

You just need a small apple, googly eyes and glue, some red acrylic paint, green puffy paint and a little canvas bag—available in the dollar bin of local craft stores.

Have a grown-up slice the apple in half and the kids can dip the apple in red paint. “Stamp” the apple on the bag. Use the puffy paint to make leaves and let them dry. Add the googly eyes and voila: instant organization. Kids can use their creation to keep their pencils and pens organized.

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Teacher’s To-Go Kit

Speaking of organization-- teachers have so much to manage in the classroom… why not help them out? As you shop for school supplies, pick an extra package of a few items on the classroom supply list.

Using a cardboard drink tray and a few paper cups, you can make a Teacher’s Supply Kit To-Go. Personalize it with chalkboard paint, if you like, and labels. For this project, you can use a blank circle from the free printable back to school banner below. If a student runs out of something, or the teacher needs an extra item or two as the school year progresses, it will be easy for him or her to grab them.

We love our teachers, right?

Teacher Questionnaire

Here’s something to make Mom and Dad’s life simpler… and hopefully also make the teacher feel appreciated. It’s a Teacher Questionnaire for your child’s teacher to fill out so when the holidays or Teacher Appreciation Week rolls along—you will be prepared. There are questions on there like, “What’s your favorite handmade gift?” and, “What’s your favorite coffee drink?” so you won’t have to guess later!

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Even with all the exciting aspects of going back to school, there's still a chance your youngsters will be less than enthusiastic about heading back to the classroom. One idea-- throw a back to school party. Whether it's just an easy celebration with your family or you invite the neighbor kids over to join in... it's a positive way mark the end of summer and the beginning of a brand new year. 

Here's just about everything you need to create your own back to school soiree-- just add kids and food!

FREE Back To School Party Printables

These FREE Back To School Party Printables, including the Teacher Questionnaire, flag toppers, party circles, treat bag toppers, a banner, and art are just a couple clicks away!

Simple Download Instructions

1. Click this link for the Free Back to School Printables and choose the printable you want.

2. Click actions, then view all sizes (scroll down until you see "view all sizes), then select "original," save to your computer and print.

The graphic elements are by Lilly Bimble and the printables were created by Free Pretty Things for You.




How does your family celebrate the start of the school year? Tell us in the comments!

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