GalTime Sits Down With “EMILY OWENS, MD”


Living in L.A. has its advantages. Not only is the weather perfect year-round, but it is the center for all things Hollywood and celebrity. And once in a while, I get to be in this illustrious world.  Earlier this week, I was invited to attend CBS' “The Talk! for GalTime. Sitting in the audience, I got to see first-hand how a national TV show is created, both in front and behind the camera. Watching all of the cameras and crew do their thing was cool, and the guy who handles the audience should be a stand-up comic. He is hilarious.

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The hosts are quite a dynamic group of ladies and they each have their own style. While Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood are the funnier, more outspoken ones, Aisha Tyler and Julie Chen are more reserved and journalistic. I found Sara Gilbert rather quiet, but then she surprises you with a one-liner that has you laughing out loud.

I was really excited about the show because of the guest line-up. Giada de Laurentiis was on doing a cooking demo. She is such a household name and gorgeous to boot. If you are a Food Network-aholic like me, then you too would have been starstruck. Also on the show were the two main stars of the new CW medical drama “Emily Owens, MD.” Mamie Gummer plays Emily Owens and Justin Hartley plays Will Collins, two interns at a hospital in Denver. I had the privilege of sitting down with them for an interview. For the record, Mamie Gummer has her mother (Meryl Streep)'s perfect, luminescent skin, so it was like sitting next to an angel. And Justin Hartley is HOT! Forget McSteamy. I heart Hartley! Unlike most actors, he is tall – 6’3 and pretty much a perfect specimen. Watch my interview here and see how the actors did with our “GalTime 10”:

“Emily Owens, MD” is a one to watch. It has everything you want in a TV show. Emily is extremely likeable and relatable. She’s smart yet vulnerable and Will is a guy’s guy who has no idea how cute he is, which makes him even more attractive. Watch the pilot here:

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