Get Organized after the Holidays with Gift Card Apps

Apps for smart gift card spending and tracking 

Now that the holidays are winding down and you’re left rolling in wrapping paper and gift packaging, you get to sort through your loot and take account of everything. Chances are you’ve received a couple gift cards in addition to the pile of presents.

While gift cards are great, they (and their respective balances) can be difficult to keep track of. And really, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to fit them all in your wallet at the same time!

Take a look at the following smart phone apps that make managing your gift cards easy!

1. Gyft: Gyft lets you enter the information from your physical gift cards for secure storage in your virtual wallet. With this feature, you can simply have the gift card’s associated retailer scan the code directly from your smart phone, allowing you to use the card without having to carry it on you! This also serves as an easy way to keep track of your gift cards and their amounts.

Gyft also has a unique function: they’ve partnered with hundreds of retailers so you can buy gift cards without having to actually transfer a piece of plastic. Just purchase a “gyft card” from their online store and then send a code to a friend or family member for easy redemption via the app.

2. Clutch: Clutch, like Gyft, has virtual wallet functionality, but it also offers the ability to find deals locally and around the web. Simply scan the barcode of a product to compare prices while you’re shopping and Clutch will provide you with a list of local and web retailers and their prices. This way you can compare prices before you buy.

The app also allows you to track certain brands. When something you’re interested in goes on sale, you can snatch up deals before they’re gone.

Clutch also has the unique functionality of being able to connect with Facebook to retrieve your friends’ birthdays. If you’re big on buying gift cards for others, Clutch can be great tool!

3. Gowallet has the same basic gift card wallet functionality, although you have to sign up for an account to even use the app. The only bonus it offers over the others is that it offers different promotional codes and deals. If you don’t mind having more apps on your phone, this is another great option to track and spend your digital holiday cash!

All of these apps are free and do not charge fees for their services. Keep in mind that some gift cards themselves may charge fees for use, so be sure to check the fine print on your gift card first.

Happy spending!

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