Halloween 2012: 12 Hottest Kid Costumes

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You've finally talked your child out of wanting a costume that includes some kind of bathroom behavior or a $400 princess get-up. Now what? Here are the hottest Halloween costumes for 2012 that won't deplete your budget, sanity or Mother of the Year application.

Avengers Captain America (with muscles)

Captain America is the top-picked Marvel costume for the year. If it's the #1 choice for your little superhero, pay full homage with this one that's complete with built-in muscles. $33.99

Brave's Merida

Merida's spit-fire attitude and blazing hair come to life with this hot costume for 2012. If you can't justify buying one more princess outfit, pull out a well-loved dress from the costume box and invest only in the fiery red curly-haired wig for a fraction of the price. Full costume, $23.99. Wig, $10

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Bordering on spooky, these breathable, stretchy Spandex suits cover the body from head to toe while still allowing for plenty of breathing, drinking, eating and quick exits for bathroom breaks. The alien morphsuit is shown here, but the butler, ninja and plain versions that can be dressed up with wigs and mustaches are sure to be a big hit in 2012, too. $39.99

Annoying Orange

You know the formula: It's piercing to parental ears, so it must be a kid's favorite thing of all time. Annoying Orange, the character from the show of the same name, is no exception. If you give in to this one you can rest assured that your child will move well beyond Annoying Orange in a few weeks....and on to "Fred." Good luck. $29.99

Katy Perry Candy Girl

It's OK to admit you cried during the pop singer's documentary movie while your child sang every lyric to every song.  Still feel weird about the idea of your daughter dressing up as Katy Perry? Hey, at least the Russell Brand costume is no longer included. $44.99

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DCComics Robin (also with muscles)

Any kid can be Batman. But how many kids can pull off the quiet confidence of his trusty sidekick, Robin? This beefed-up version includes built-in muscles for extra POW! $39.99

Slice of pizza

Nope, we don't get it either. How a giant slice of pepperoni and mushroom made it to the list of top costumes of the year doesn't make a lot of sense. But if it makes the kid happy and doesn't involve weapons or torn fishnet hose, then go with it. $29.99

Headless Boy

Does your child have a gift for dark comedy? This edgy costume will get a few scared laughs. And may also come up during parent-teacher conferences. $21.96

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The Hulk

It's finally time for your little monster to shine. Whether you have a kid who whips every stuffed animal in the crib across the room or an older child who loves to flex his muscles, this popular costume is available in baby to big-kid sizes. $39.99

Lalaloopsey Mittens Fluff and Stuff

The rag doll that came to life will be even cuter when played by your little girl. With leggings, a long-sleeved top, vest and wig, you won't have to worry about the October chill interfering with this costume. $27.96

Angry Birds

If your little one's still obsessed with the app (and knit caps and licensed pajamas). they will not be alone in feathering-up in this red bird costume on Halloween. $39.99

Monster High's Abbey Bominable

Let your otherwise sweetness-and-light little one transform into the ice goddess of Monster High with this costume bedazzled with fur and crystals. $19.99

What's the top-pick kid costume on your block?

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