How to Bring Great Ideas to Life

by The Invention Divaz, Dhana Cohen and Melinda Knight

We all know that moms are some of the most innovative folks when it comes to creating practical products. Many times, these ideas come out of true frustration in their everyday lives. 

The story goes something like this: “I was driving the kids to school, and was annoyed that my 2 year old son couldn’t stop kicking the back of my chair. As soon as I got home, I started looking for a solution, and nothing was out there. I decided to create something to solve this problem.” ~Erica, Little Bean Creations

Moms who are solving problems and coming up with amazing inventions are thrown into the entrepreneur world and becoming “Mompreneurs” without even knowing it. At the Women Inventorz Network we have the opportunity to meet Mompreneurs at all stages of product development and help them bring their ideas to life with resources and education. 

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Have a great idea? We’re here to help with these tips on how to get started:

  • Research is your best friend! Utilize the web and search for all likeable “keywords” that relate to your idea. If there is competition for your product or service and you think you could do it better, smarter, and less expensive, consider your options carefully. Should you discover your idea isn’t worth pursuing, don’t be afraid to walk away before you actually spend any money!
  • Create a simple prototype. Cut, sew, use a glue gun…whatever it takes. Get feedback from your target audience; friends and families will be honest. Listen to their opinions with an open mind knowing they want you to succeed.

If the idea passes through these first steps:

  • Go to to see if your product idea is out there. If you can’t find it by keywords, then you may be onto something.

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  • Protect, protect, protect! Certain ideas are patentable, some are only capable of being trademarked. Hiring an attorney to figure this out before you spend any more money is critical to your future success.
  • Watch out for “sharks” that make lofty promises and expect you to invest your life savings. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Price is king. Retailers control your retail price, so if your idea is new to the market, give yourself enough margin for retailers to negotiate down from your wholesale.
  • Cost includes more than just the development of your product. Packaging, liability insurance, and shipping costs are just a few of the costs incurred. You are essentially starting a business and so much more, so it’s important to break down all of your costs.

These are just a few suggestions to getting your product on its way, and you closer to being a Mompreneur in the innovative product world!

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Dhana Cohen, Co-Owner. Dhana has over 25 years experience in marketing and product development. In 2008 she created The Next Big Zing. The only independent AWARD program and contest platform for innovative products. Dhana co-hosts an entrepreneur radio talk show on and has judged national inventors contest.  She is a contributor in magazines, blogs, websites and TV.

Melinda Knight, Co-Owner. As an inventor, Melinda saw how many women had great ideas and no clue how to market them.  She created Womentorz, a popular website and forum allowing women inventors to have a virtual storefront. Womentorz provided all of the promotion and social networking needed to generate traffic to the women’s products. Using the concept of group marketing, Womentorz saves the women a great deal of money and provides unique marketing opportunities.

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