How to Carve Out a Man Cave For Your Man

Whether he's a Dad or just a Dude, it seems every man craves a man cave in his home. A place where he can relax, sans stress and responsibilities, maybe with a buddy or two and some really good snacks! Here's how to carve out a man cave in your home for your guy, without blowing the budget.


If there is one room in the home that screams for a theme, it's a man cave! Fave team? Trophy case from bowling league? Choose a theme that speaks to who he is, and what he will be worshipping behind those doors!


Locate your space. If you're lucky, you have a bonus room or finished basement with his name on it. But for some men you will need to get a little more creative. A garage seems to be a popular choice, but unless you are planning a remodel, it's going to get chilly in the winter for the guys. Consider an electric floor heater. Not gas, no matter how much he wants to amp up the volume on everything in your man room. Gas heaters produce deadly carbon monoxide gas. How about an unused den or underused office? Perhaps you can move the computer to a corner of the family room, and free up a space with closed doors, central heating, and quick access to the kitchen.

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Use paint to create the cave-like feel he craves. Neutrals are a favorite of men everywhere, but how about trying several shades of the same color on different walls, for just a little style? Whatever his theme, the walls are a great place to showcase it. Posters, hockey sticks, antique snowshoes or skis... this is the one room where anything goes, even if it is just a little bit tacky. The idea here is to have a space he loves. For some men, that actually might mean a coordinated design, not a bad thing for you ladies who adore those guys! For others, it means the old, ratty recliner you have banned from any other room in the home. Either works here! Remember, this is his room. Let it go, girl.


…And the not so little. Let's face it, we need a flat screen TV here. Unless you are one of the lucky ones whose husband actually...reads. For the rest of you, think about the big box stores, or check out Craigslist if your budget is tight. You can post a want ad there and might find someone who has just upgraded, but is willing to let his perfectly acceptable old TV go for a steal.

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Now, it's all about food and drink. If you have a closet in the man cave, consider removing the doors, and adding a bar and mini fridge. Check out the appliance options the discount stores have for dorms at a good price. If you don’t have running water, consider adding a dish pan under the bar, so they can have a easy way to carry all those dirty dishes back to the kitchen at the end of game night. I just heard you all sigh. It could happen, right?

There you go, man cave for your beloved, and well deserved. Yes, now you can start on your craft room.

To all you dads out there, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

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