How To Help The Men In Your Life Celebrate "Movember"

We women. We like to talk a lot. A LOT.

There’s not much that’s off limits: fashion, beauty, relationships, sex, and yes, even health issues.

Men. Not so much.

That’s why it’s our womanly duty to help spread the word about MOVEMBER. If you’re wondering what the funky word stands for, its simply the combo of Moustache + November.  

The idea is that during the 30 days of Movember, “Mo Bros” commit to wearing some lip hair to raise awareness of men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. (Men, think of the stache as your “ribbon,” much like the pink ribbon we sport during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.)

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While we gals may not be up for growing a moustache (that’s why wax was invented, my friends) there are plenty of other ways that women (AKA Mo Sistas) can get involved:

  • Be Supportive! Encourage your (insert man/men in your life here) to become part of the mustachioed tribe of males raising awareness around the world. If his moustache is slow to grow/patchy/spotty, let him know its cool. Heck, complement him anyway! Tell him there’s no need to be jealous of the guy next door with the perfectly waxed handlebar. The point is that he’s doing a good deed and helping to save lives! (Plus, not everyone has been blessed by the hair gods, as we women know!)

  • Be a Team Leader! Register to become a Mo Sista online and act as your man’s PR rep. Help him and his friends create a Movember team. Spread the word at work and through social media outlets. More members = more moustaches. And who doesn’t love that?

  • Pimp Them Out! Register your team online and help the guys seek out sponsorship for their Mo-growing efforts. While you’re at it, start things off by donating a few dollars yourself! (Ask your gal pals, too!)

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  • Give Them Some Lip! Don’t be afraid to be “that girl.” Order education material from and pass it around freely! Let the men in your life know the risks they face if they skip their yearly health checkup, and fill them in on the importance of a screening test for prostate cancer if they’re over 40. After all, knowledge is power!

  • Go Shopping! It’s one of the things that we do best! Look for brands that donate a portion of sales to Movember causes. Here at GalTime, we’re big fans of these stylish hook + Albert dress socks ($30), designed with a humorous moustache motif. A percentage of proceeds will benefit Movember’s health partners. Check out other Movember merchandise by clicking here.

  • Party On! At the end of the month, help your finely groomed friends throw a party to celebrate their moustachery. Send out “Shave The Date” invites and make a night out of it. Or, join one of the Movember galas and events taking place across the country.

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