How To Look Fab In Faux Fur

Whether you're debating buying into the trend or you're a seasoned faux fur collector, these fuzzy pieces are the perfect fashion statement this winter! We asked Michelle Williamson, Style Editor for New York Girl Style, for the 411 on faux fur.

What are the hottest faux fur accessories this season? If you're just opening up to the trend, vests and scarves are a super easy way to incorporate faux fur into any wardrobe. These two styles are quite popular and can be worn many ways - you can throw them on with jeans or over a black mini. We're also seeing a lot of hats, both hunter caps and '50s toque-type style hats are in! (Below: C Wonder Faux Fur Vest, $109.99)

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How can you wear these styles without looking like you're ready for the North Pole? The trick is to not overdo it. It's lofty, so layering a faux fur piece over sleek shapes and fabrics creates a nice juxtaposition of textures. Don't be afraid to toss a furry vest over a denim jacket or another woven fabric. Faux fur scarves look great peeking out from the neckline of a double breasted jacket. (Below: Forever 21 Faux Fur Scarf, $12.80)

Which colors and styles should readers look for? Natural colors and patterns like leopard are always classic, but there are also some fun faux patterns to play with - so don't be afraid to try stripes, zig zags, chevrons. Graphic black and white really make a statement when paired with an all black outfit. When venturing into colors not found in nature, tread carefully by making sure that the quality is there so it doesn't read cheap. That being said, jewel tones are a nice alternative! (Below: Michael Stars Pop Accent Trapper Hat, $38)

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Is it best to save these accessories for outside? Vests and scarves can easily be worn indoors if they're not insanely bulky. If it restricts your movement, it's probably best to keep it for outdoor wear. Faux fur hats look out of place when worn indoors, but they're perfect for hitting the streets on a chilly day!

What is the best way to store faux fur in the off-season? Gently use a soft-bristled brush to clean faux fur items. If they are meant to be left hanging, use a padded hanger and don't put it in a plastic garment bag. Store the piece in a dark, dry place where it won't get exposed to excessive heat.

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