How To Rock A Shirtdress With Style

The classic shirtdress. It’s simple, yet stylish. Easy to throw on and effortless to dress up. Not to mention it can take you from the office to the afterparty! 

With so many reasons to rock a shirtdress, there’s no doubt it’s a fall fashion staple. 

Michelle Williamson, Style Editor for New York Girl Style, shows GalTime how to let that shirtdress shine!

Which styles should we be on the lookout for this season? Right now, shirtdresses can be found in crisp, classic cotton and chambray, but you’ll also see these dresses perked up with prints. For example, you can find animal prints, florals with a dark base, geometrics, etc. Contrasting trims and collars are also giving this classic style a new twist.

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What's the best way to accentuate your curves in a shirtdress? Tie or belt a shirtdress at the natural waist for a more feminine silhouette, but don’t tie too tight. You don't want to cinch it so much that the easy vibe of the dress is disrupted (or that its too hard to breathe!). Edgier, oversized shirtdresses should be left unbelted, but paired with a shoe that has a lot of height so that your figure isn't overwhelmed. 

O.K., but what about accessories? If an item comes with a belt, sometimes it’s best to separate the two. It’s often better to personalize the shirtdress with a slender belt of your own choosing – it lets you add your own style and flare! It also keeps the dress from looking "canned". Every shirtdress looks great with a pair of dark opaque tights once the weather gets chilly. Additionally, the collar is a great stage for showing off colorful statement necklaces.

(1. Gap Henley Pocket Dress, $59.95; 2. Forever 21 Faux Marble Nugget Necklace, $9.80; 3. Old Navy Women’s Chiffon Feather-Print Shirtdress, $32.00)

How about shoes?  Since it's a bit of a "borrowed from the boys" look, the juxtaposition of a shirtdress with a nice pair of heels looks really polished and office appropriate, especially when worn with black tights. Flats and boots work as well, but those shoes definitely skew the outfit in a more casual direction.

What types of jackets do you recommend wearing with a shirtdress? Since shirtdresses are lightweight, they look great when paired with a jacket of heavier material, so leather and denim are both great outerwear choices. Other options include wearing a blazer left casually unbuttoned over a shirtdress, or layering a slouchy sweater over the dress. Just make sure to pull the shirtdress collar out and over the neckline of the sweater!

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Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Michelle Williamson is a freelance fashion stylist and fashion writer in Los Angeles. Currently I am the Style Editor for New York Girl Style media network, West Coast covering Fashion, Style, Celebrity Style new trends and our Style Obession and Look of the Week content channels.  A passionate believer in the freedom of self expression, Michelle is dedicated to exploring the depths of her creativity through art and design, most recently assisting  on Celebrity Stylist Cher Coulter's collaboration with AG Jeans in Los Angeles.

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