How to Shoot and Share Awesome Videos

by Laura Higgins of Pixorial

How to record and share amazing videos

With warm weather and vacations ahead, now is the perfect time to flip that smartphone button from photo to video. Hitting "record" might be easy, but it's what comes after that people tend to get uneasy about: how to create video that’s actually worth watching and then deciding where and how to share it.

You don’t need to be a talented director to create fabulous videos. It’s all in how you shoot, what you shoot and ultimately, how you put it all together.

Shooting Smarts: Record Like a Rock Star

  • Your camera: Get to know your device; built-in features give you control and creativity.
  • Layout = landscape: When shooting with a phone camera, HOLD IT HORIZONTALLY aka on its side! It’ll look better when viewed on a bigger screen, like your TV.
  • Simplify sound: Generally, phone cameras don’t have great built-in microphones, neither do most consumer-level video cameras—so getting good sound isn’t always priority, say at a noisy event. Focus on the content and then opt for a music track.

What You Record: Your Story

Watching the sunset in Barbados is an awesome experience, but friends will tune out if you send video of the whole sunset. That’s not to say short videos are better—quite the opposite. Tell a story with bits and pieces! The best videos show the whole picture.

Think like an artist and use your palette: Mix it up! Grab a variety of elements -- wide shots to establish location and close-ups of the people and things that make an experience complete, then stitch them together using a video app.

Get down to their level: When recording children or pets, get low and point the camera up at them from a few inches above the ground.

Become a Queen-B-Roller: B-roll is an old film industry term for all the stuff you shoot that’s not the main subject. Use your B-roll set to music to introduce or conclude your story.

Put it All Together: Editing & Sharing

The aftermath of a recorded video doesn’t have to be scary; you just need the right tools. Luckily there are super-easy options for transforming and sharing video. 

Grab an app: Explore Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Look for video apps with either a free trial or a free account – that way, you can take some time to experiment and see if the app is right for you.

Storage in the cloud: Depending on your video’s length and how it was recorded, a video file can be too large to email. Set up a cloud storage account (Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarSync, etc.) or, better yet, go for the video app that includes cloud storage and sharing capabilities (hassle-free with multiple accounts).

Stay Legal: Look for royalty-free music options to go with your videos, especially if you want to share them via YouTube. Copyright infringement is a big no-no. If you’re looking for a worry-free solution to this issue, go for a video app that manages the legalities for you as part of their service.

Before summer arrives, make the switch to video! Find a video app that lets you add titles and text, interesting transitions, and a little music – you might not win an Oscar, but your friends and family are sure to give you a standing ovation!

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Laura Higgins is SVP Sales & Marketing at Pixorial.

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