How to Sleep Train Your Baby in a Weekend

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By: Maureen Connolly

As a parent of an infant, you may often find yourself marveling at your baby’s sweet and scrumptious head-to-toe perfection. That is, until he displays his equally amazing ability to voice loud and unrelenting protests each and every time he’s placed in his crib for a nap or bedtime. Will your infant ever learn to nod off without the aid of mom or dad?

Baby-sleeping-peacefully-e1396927996127-300x169When it comes to infant sleep, timing really is everything. For one, trying to sleep train your infant before age 4 months is setting yourself and your baby up for failure, because at that age, he’s technically neurologically incapable of self-soothing (a key component to lulling oneself to sleep). Ultimately, it’s not fair to you or your baby, says pediatric sleep coach Brooke Nalle, a contributor to the bestselling e-book Ready, Set, Baby! The Watch and Learn Guide to Your Baby’s First Year.

Once your baby reaches 4 months old, she’s developmentally ready for success in the sleep department. For the best odds at making this work, Nalle suggests devoting a weekend to sleep training your infant. You and your partner can alternate shifts. Your goal: “To teach your baby to learn to associate falling asleep with being in her crib, not in your arms,” Nalle says.

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