How to Style a Haute Hanukkah

Home decor and celebration ideas for Hanukkah

Just because Hanukkah lasts for eight nights doesn’t mean you'll need to stretch your bank account more than any other holiday. Here are some budget-friendly entertaining tips and inspirational décor items to ensure your holiday is filled with latkes, laughter and love.

1. Accessorize your table with metallic objects. While there are many gorgeous Hanukkah-inspired décor pieces available, you don’t need to purchase them all to set the scene. Design your table using items you already have that are ornamented with gold, bronze, silver accents or edging. Layer them using other festive pieces to set a stylish vibe.

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2. Get creative with color. The most traditional hues for Hanukkah include white, blue, and yellow gold. Think outside the “color box” and get creative using shades in the same families such as turquoise, royal blue, ivory or silver. If you don’t have serving pieces in these tones, tie small strips of blue ribbon to champagne flutes and serve a delicious pear flavored champagne cocktail to kick off the Festival of Lights.  

Pottery Barn Blue Goblet, $50 for four 

Fishs Eddy Lotta Mug, $12.95

3. Light it up! The most sacred tradition for each of the eight nights is lighting the menorah and savoring a few precious moments surrounded by loved ones. Whether you’re using a family heirloom or buying a new menorah this year, make sure it’s displayed in an area that matches the aesthetic of your surrounding décor.

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4. Put a “spin” on iconic Hanukkah pieces. There are a few traditional objects this holiday would be incomplete without. For example, chocolate gelt (the Yiddish word for “money”) is normally reserved for children, but that doesn’t mean adults shouldn’t enjoy it too! Place bags filled with this Hanukkah favorite on each plate so guests can savor a delicious chocolate treat after dinner. Or, suggest everyone use their bag of gelt to play the Dreidel game. People of all ages can participate using gelt, pennies, or M&M’s.

Do you have festive ways you decorate your home for Hanukkah? We’d love to hear them!

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