How to Super Bowl With Style

Super Bowl fashion guide

Whether you’re jetsetting to the Big Easy or crowding around the flat screen with friends and finger food, Super Bowl XLVII is bound to be a grand ole time. You’re psyched to watch the players duke it out and drool over what’s certain to be a sizzling halftime show by Beyoncé – and you want to look good doing it.

Styling for a Super Bowl party is easy as chips and queso, and you have more options than your boyfriend’s XL jersey (although that could work, too). We've got your complete guide for spirited style come Sunday, February 3rd!

Jersey Girl

There’s something irresistible about a girl in an oversized football jersey. It’s an All-American classic. Pick a team and go for it. If you don’t have a jersey for either team that’s playing, ask around or order one online. Try pairing them with white shorts or black leggings, depending on how big the shirt is. Of course, a fitted jersey made for women looks great too and as always, well-placed hair ribbon adds a feminine touch.

49ers Super Bowl jersey & Ravens Super Bowl jersey, available from NFL Shop 

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Tight T’s and Tanks

If you’re not a fan of team jerseys, a regular t-shirt celebrating the spirit of game day might just be your ticket. Pair these festive tops with a tank watch or layered bracelets for an instant spark of style.

Super Bowl XLVII On Deck TriBlend T-Shirt & Nike Super Bowl XLVII Game White jersey, available from NFL Shop

If you don’t have an official team shirt, just find one in a color that reps the team you’re pulling for, and you’re good to guac. Depending on the weather, a tank top may work for you. If you’re feeling a little plain, add jewelry – a long necklace and/or pearl earrings.

V-Neck lace cami, available from Target

The Game Day Dress

Game day dresses can be solid color or patterned, strapless or with any array of sleeves. Throw on some wedges or, if you’re feeling a little southern, some calf-length cowgirl boots. Check out these comfy knit choices:

Ravens and 49ers Shuffle Knit Sundresses, available from Football Fanatics

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Maxed Out

Maxi dresses can make for sexy and fun Super Bowl attire. They’re also pretty comfortable, which is what you want for the 4+ hours you’ll be watching the game. You can dress them up or down, depending on the type of party you are going to. Solid color is usually the best way for maxis. 

Layered Maxi dress, available from Forever 21

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