How to Tell If You Wear Too Much Makeup

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When it comes to getting dolled up…or even heading out to the office, what is your makeup routine? Are you the more-is-better kind or a natural-is-better kind? Either way, there are tips for getting it right.

Face it, we all know women who overdo it… as in you-look-like-a-clown or like Christina Aguilera! And, when was the last time you thought, she’d be prettier without all the spackle? (C’mon, you can tell us.)

Now, look in the mirror. Does any of it sound a little too close to home?

In fact, I think many of us are excess makeup offenders and don’t even realize it! Not sure if your makeup look falls on the heavy-handed side? Take this quick test! If two out of your three answers is “yes,” you could be an over-applyer:

1.) Does your makeup make you look like a “prettier” version of yourself, or do you look like a completely different person when the makeup comes off? [If the latter, you might be wearing too much makeup.]

2.) Does your foundation tend to “cake” and settle into facial crevices, or do you only apply it to the needed areas (like the T-zone, or under the eyes)? [If the former, you might be wearing too much makeup.]

3.) Do you wear bold eye makeup and lipstick, or pick one or the other? [If the former, you might be wearing too much makeup.]

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