How To Throw a Super Bash for the Big Game

Throw a Super Bowl party to remember

Whether you’re cheering for 49ers or Ravens this year, or simply looking forward to the halftime show and awesome commercials, it’s time to get ready to celebrate the big game!

Here are a few tips to help you “kickoff” your Super Bowl celebration in super style!

Put a twist on classic football foods! Super Bowl Sunday is the one day of year when it’s perfectly acceptable to load menus up with traditional football foods such as wings, dips, pizza, or chili. Serve your favorites up in mini portions so guests can try more than a bite of each item. Or, try whipping up a huge pot of chili and set up a self-serve chili bar with a large variety of toppings so guests can help themselves throughout the game. Throw in a few bags of chips and you’ve got a nacho bar too!

Serve snacks in unique containers! Display munchies on serving pieces such as a football shaped cutting board or your favorite team’s snack helmet. Don’t worry if you don’t have sports related items – snacks are also extra fun to eat when served in creative serving containers like they have at actual stadiums.

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Set up a beer tasting table! Put a spin on the occasion’s most popular drink of choice and display a festive flight of beers. Include lagers, ales, light beers, or even microbrews from San Francisco or Baltimore to allow guests to sample different options. Make sure you have plenty of glasses handy!

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Use items you already have! Even if it’s not your absolute favorite team playing in the big game this weekend, that doesn’t mean you still can’t display those items you have at home! Line footballs down the middle of the dessert table or cover the buffet using with fake turf grass to replicate the football field. Ask guests to wear their favorite team’s jersey or even place out items such as football whoopie pies.


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Let’s be honest, the best part of the day is not only counting how many touchdowns are scored, but the food, drinks, commercials that everyone will be talking about the next day, and of course, a super Sunday with friends!

What are your plans for the big game?

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