If You Liked 50 Shades…

5 Must-Read Erotic Novels

by Desiree Holt

With the explosion of the Fifty Shades Trilogy on the reading public, a hunger is growing for romances with more explicit scenes. Readers want romances that create fantasies they can imagine themselves in and stories with real emotion that can tug at their soul. These books are, at the heart, not just pages of sex but intense love stories. If you’re just dipping your toe in the waters and want a guide to take you deeper, the following books are absolute must-reads.

The Ice Queen and Mirror of My Soul by Joey Hill

Absolutely no one creates a beautiful erotic love story like Joey, and for me, these head the list. This is, above all else, a love story, pure and simple. Though Marguerite is one of The Zone's most sought-after Mistresses, Tyler is convinced she is a "switch", a closet submissive. But the truth that is revealed is more remarkable than that. As he begins to unravel the complex and terrible layers of her past, Tyler must do what he's never been willing to do before. Open up his own soul, offering Marguerite his own dark places in order to help them both heal. Only then will they be able to surrender to a force stronger even than The Zone's most powerful Master and Mistress, a force that can bind them together forever.

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Triple Play by Rhiannon Byrd

One of the first erotica books I read and still sits as one of the best. Two men. And a passionate hunger too long denied. It's Gabriel Harrison's thirty-fifth birthday. His quiet night at home, spent alone with a glass of Scotch and a novel, is about to be shattered. Gabriel's best friend, Jonah, comes knocking at his door, bearing a present unlike any other—a blindfolded Denny Abbott, the lush little assistant Gabe can't get out of his mind. He aches for her with a primitive, physical lust and tearing emotional hunger that eats at his soul, and yet, he will not touch her. He will not reach out for the one thing in the world he wants above all others. For Gabriel has a secret—one he believes makes him unworthy of the "sexy sweet" Denny.  

Beyond Eden by Kele Moon

Paul, the attorney and Evie, the talented artist, are intense lovers, bound together by a passion that often consumes them. When Evie leaves Paul for the lure of New York he moves ahead with his life, although Evie still sits firmly in his heart. When she returns she is dismayed to find him no longer available. But waiting for her is their mutual friend, Danny, who loves them both. Their begins an intricate dance among the three of them, a dance where the sex is no holds barred and the emotions are so intense at times they consume both the protagonists and the reader. They all have difficult choices to make, and I think the ones they make in the end will definitely surprise you. Don’t miss this one.

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Infinite Betrayal by Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie

Like a little paranormal thrown in with your erotica? Then this book is definitely for you. It’s Book One in the Blood Feud series and the hero is the ultimate alpha male, powerful yet not afraid to show his emotions ro to care for Mina in any and all situations. Mina Roarke has always been told she is special. In what way, she’s never fully understood…until circumstances lead her down a path of adrenaline-charged danger and blazing sexual heat, and introduce her to a world she never knew existed. Mathias, a warrior for a secret shifter race known as the Coteri, has been ordered to protect Mina at all costs. Although his oath to protect her is paramount, can he rein in his animal instincts long enough to avoid claiming the one person he’s forbidden to have.  

Mac’s Law by Sarah McCarty

Of all of McCarty’s books, this is my all-time favorite. It’s got a totally sexy cowboy, a woman reaching for new boundaries with sex and a combustible love story that will melt your heart. Jessica Sterns has always been a good girl, doing right, dating right, following all the right rules. Now, at twenty-nine, thanks to a life change, she's got a whole lot of catching up to do, and a whole lot of bad girl to let loose. It's just a question of finding the right man. At first glance, Mac Hollister appeared to be just that man. The tall rugged rancher practically oozes testosterone, while his indolent posture, easy confidence and raw masculinity just screamed "bad boy". The kind of man women spin dark fantasies around. The kind of man she's looking for. Mac expects their affair to be short, sweet and safe, but he soon discovers that beneath Jessie’s delicate image lurks a woman who can handle all the "bad boy" he can throw at her. She's everything he never expected to find, and what started out short-term soon becomes a relationship that will demand a compromise he's not sure he can make in order to keep the one woman he can't imagine living without. 

Any one of these will transport you into an erotic world that will grab your senses, fire up your imagination, and liven up your dreams. So, dear reader, take your pick and then get comfy, pour yourself a glass of wine, and prepare to be wowed, wooed and maybe even a little aroused. 

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Desiree Holt, 76, is an award-winning author Ellora’s Cave Publishing. Holt writes erotic romance, which combines the conventions of traditional romance novels with more frequent sex scenes and common vernacular in place of euphemisms. For more information, visit www.ellorascave.com.

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